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10 Little Tricks To NOT Be A Bridezilla (Be “Bridechilla”!)

10 Little Tricks To NOT Be A Bridezilla (Be “Bridechilla”!)

Brides are often relegated to the fire-spewing monster versions of themselves – and we think the image is a little too stereotyped. We happen to know, love, and cover all the cool brides we come across! So in case you needed help being a Bridechilla as opposed to a Bridezilla when it’s your turn, here are all the expert tips!

1. Worry Not!

We’ll start with the most basic one. Don’t stress yourself and others in the wedding planning process. It may be overwhelming, but worrying yourself is definitely not going to solve any problems or get things done!


1 not to be a bridezilla

2. Be Organized

The misconception is that you are called a Bridezilla if you are too organized, but in reality you won’t be stressed or freak out if you are organized and already have it all under control.


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3. Focus on what makes you happy

Every time you find yourself feeling stressed out, start browsing through your clothes references on Pinterest or start checking out honeymoon destinations. Not only will this instantly perk you up, you’ll be back to (happily) planning the wedding in no time!


3 not to be a bridezilla

4. Find your zen space

Every time you feel everything’s going haywire, we all have that one place we like to go to de-stress. Find out which place helps you stay calm and make sure you spend time there!


5. Have a trusted confidante

The run-up to the wedding can be a tricky time, and usually we find that there are only one or two people who can really ‘get’ you and what you’re going through during this phase. Make sure you identify who that person is and rely on them to be your sounding board. It could be the bestie (maid of honour) or your sister or cousin.

5 not to be a bridezilla


6. Be realistic

We all have a tendency to OD on Bollywood movies and expect every last detail to be fairytale-like. Just know that planning a wedding in reality is a whole different ball game. It’s an expensive affair that takes oodles of time and patience to pull off.

7. Be okay with delegating tasks!

Some of us have this strange notion that it is us (and us alone) who must undertake every little task if we want it done to perfection. Sorry to burst your bubble darling, but that’s just not going to be humanly possible. Just know that delegating tasks is the easier and more sensible thing to do.


7 not to be a bridezilla

8. Have a little faith

Even though it may seem like no one understands your vision for the wedding, just know that they all want you to be happy. From your folks to your fiancé, everyone will ultimately get on the same page as you. Besides, people tend to begin work only when the deadline is near. So be rest assured, once the wedding is around the corner – everyone will be in work mode, doing their part to contribute to your big day.


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9. Take little breaks from the wedding planning

It may have consumed every fiber of your being, but if you are only eating-sleeping-breathing all things to do with your wedding planning, just know that you will burn out. Besides, it’s not the best for your creative juices to dry up at this point. So just distract yourself with other things like work or friends or a little holidaying even.


9 not to be a bridezilla

10. Focus on the love!

Ultimately, you are only getting married because you are about to begin a new life with someone special. As long as you remember that that’s the only thing that really matters, it’ll be really easy to prioritize the right things and be calm. Go on dates with your fiancé, talk to him about your dreams and plans, chalk out your future together, and watch your worries melt away into oblivion.


The biggest tip we can probably give you lies in the fact that you are about to be a Mrs – savour every moment of your single life before that happens.

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21 Sep 2016
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