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Is A Gua Sha Tool Worth The Hype & Money? An Expert Breaks It Down For Us

If you’re big on skincare you’ve probably seen skincare fanatics sculpting their faces with this pretty pink or green tool. Yes, we’re talking about a Gua Sha. We’re about to fill you in on everything Gua Sha, so keep reading.

So What Really Is it And How Does A Gua Sha Work?

Gua Sha is a natural treatment that involves scraping (Gua) your skin in upwards strokes using a massage tool that’s traditionally either made with jade or rose quartz. This is a popular ancient Chinese skin healing technique that has definitely seen a resurgence in popularity due to the lockdown. It helps you get that jawline you’ve always dreamt of but also the contact strokes can help fight signs of ageing, relaxes stiff tissue muscles and even promote lymphatic drainage. But does this really work or is it one of those tools that just makes your skincare regimen look a tad fancier?

We got in touch with Payal Thaker, founder of YBP Cosmetics who gave us a lowdown on this skincare trend.

What is a Gua Sha & what is it really made of?

YBP cosmetics

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique to encourage lymphatic drainage. In simple language, think of a Gua Sha as a tool that helps rid your body of all the toxins. When the body is clear of all the gunk, toxins, and excess fluid that is beneath the skin, the blood circulation, fresh oxygen content, and energy flow is higher. This results in clearer and healthier skin, says Payal.

So yes, Gua Sha indeed ensures that harmful toxins are out of your body for good. Payal also adds that this beauty tool is made up of different crystals and their main purpose is to detoxify the skin, clear blocked energies, and chisel the face.

Gua Sha stones are very expensive, how do you spot a real stone from a fake?

Now, this is a question that almost all of us need an answer to…right? A quick google search will yield you thousands of search results ranging from INR 200-3,000. How does one pick the right stone?

“Gua Sha stones can vary in many different ways.. the quality of the stone, the craftsmanship, and the intention behind each piece are few of the things that can make one tool better than the other. Always buy your tools from a seller that provides you with an authenticity certificate on your crystals,” says Payal. 

What are the benefits of using Gua Sha?


A question always looming on our minds was that does performing this face massage with a Gua Sha tool have any real benefits, or is it just an other Instagram fad?

“Gua Sha rituals have many mind-body benefits, but most importantly, it brings discipline and relaxes the anxious mind”, adds Payal. She says that it also helps with clearing up blocked energies, releases all the harmful toxins from the body, makes more space for fresh oxygen and also improves blood circulation, revealing a brighter-looking complexion.

How many times a day/week can we use it?


According to Payal, you can perform Gua Sha every day. The key rule is to follow the right strokes; feather light movements, and take deep breaths while performing it on the skin.

How do you use a Gua Sha?


Always use a Gua Sha on cleansed, moisturised skin. A lightweight facial oil is your best bet. Check out this easy tutorial to understand the right strokes and techniques.



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Does it make a difference to the effectiveness of the ritual if we use a cheaper tool?


If you were wondering if you can use those ‘Gua Sha’ tools that are available online for a mere sum of INR 500– will those products yield the same results as an authentic one? Well, Payal has some important message for you.

“For any ritual to work effectively it’s important to invest in the right tools. However, the massage on the skin will still help the skin to detox, but the *real* stone will truly help the skin to release heat, congestion, and relax your mind. It’s a feeling you can’t describe.”

Does it actually sculpt and tone your face, or is that not true?

Yes, it does!

Payal says that once you starting performing the Gua Sha ritual regularly you will notice that your skin looks more alive, fresh, sculpted and radiant. “And that is because That’s because you are encouraging blood circulation and helping your skin to release all the excess fluids. In return, it helps the face look more defined and sculpted.

Common Gua Sha mistakes to avoid

We don’t know about you guys but we are determined to come out of the quarantine, flaunting our Kareena wale cheekbones.

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08 Feb 2021

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