How Emotional Are You? Let’s See What Your Zodiac Says…

Gayatri SahayGayatri Sahay  |  May 5, 2016


The emotional spectrum of your zodiac reveals a lot about how you face situations on a daily basis and these are usually identified by your element – fire, water, air, earth. However, individual characteristics are better determined through your sun sign. Whether you are one to be able to combat a heavy flow of emotions with immense ease or one to indulge in your emotions for the sake of yourself and others. Read on to discover how emotionally sensitive you are. You might be surprised to find out how your sun sign affects your everyday behaviour!

1. Aries

how emotional are you aries

Being a fire sign, you are quite honest with your emotions, and while you can control them, you aren’t afraid to let them show. This isn’t a bad thing, as keeping your emotions in leads to an anger build-up, which is the emotion you need to watch out for. Having said that, however, your emotional IQ is superior and this makes you almost intuitive to others’ emotions!

Element: Fire

2. Taurus

how emotional are you taurus

You are very grounded when it comes to your emotions and this is because you are an earth sign. You will only let your emotions show to those you are very close to. However, empathy is your strongest trait and people find this appealing because they feel they can confide in you and rely on you for advice.

Element: Earth

3. Gemini

how emotional are you gemini

As an air sign, you are notoriously aloof when it comes to displaying your emotions. This might be because your feelings are not always consistent, so you don’t feel right exposing them to the world. It’s a good thing because when it does come to an emotional situation, you are likely to be strong and help others through difficult times, while not getting sucked into it yourself.

Element: Air

4. Cancer

how emotional are you cancer

You are one of the most emotionally sensitive signs of the zodiac. Your feelings will often run free, freer than you would like, and it’s not easy for you to control them. You have a range of emotions that rule your sign, but eventually everything from frustration to anger will result in you feeling pretty glum – and that’s okay! You have to take reassurance in the fact that this emotional openness is what allows people to connect with you on a deeper level.

Element: Water

5. Leo

how emotional are you leo

Emotions are just a part of the spectrum of life for you, and you handle them with immense pride. Just as you don’t hesitate when it comes to sharing moments of joy with people, you are not ashamed or embarrassed by the fact that you have feelings – and you shouldn’t be! This great attitude allows you to have a balanced sense of emotions.

Element: Fire

6. Virgo

how emotional are you virgo

You won’t go out of your way to display your feelings, but it should be known that your emotional side is communicated to others through your eyes – you will be surprised to know how much they truly are the windows to your soul! This doesn’t get in the way of you living your busy, happy-go-lucky life, and works out well because when you’re happy, there’s that extra sparkle in your eye that makes you glow!

Element: Earth

7. Libra

emotional libra

People often have the wrong impression of you when it comes to your sensitivity. This is because you are very secretive about your emotions. Your most true feelings reside in a place where people won’t often look for them – your mind. As such, you will use your head to determine whether or not the situation calls for being emotional. But just because you don’t openly go about displaying your emotional side doesn’t mean you don’t have one!

Element: Air

8. Scorpio

how emotional are you scorpio

You may be surprised to learn just how emotional your sign is. While you don’t let your emotions rule you, you certainly know how to use them in specific situations. This is good because it means you are somebody who is frank, open and honest, and speaks from the heart at all costs! We need more people like you!

Element: Water

9. Sagittarius

emotional sagi

You are not one to conceal your emotions – be it happiness, anger, sadness, and everything in between! Since you’re usually jovial, it confuses people when you’re not-so chirpy. You also have your fair share of moments where your feelings can be quite intimidating for another person! Don’t hold this against yourself, as people value the fact that you can be so upfront and honest about an emotional situation.

Element: Fire

10. Capricorn

emotional capricorn

Your feelings, if you decide to make them known, are consistent and honest. You are a very patient sign and you will take time to mull over your emotions before making them known. This confuses people and makes them think you are being distant. You are just being honest to yourself and your feelings, and may be channeling them towards something else. In other words, you are good at turning emotive energy into productive energy.

Element: Earth

11. Aquarius

emotional aquarius

You have a fondness for the joy of life and are seemingly as content within your own company as that of the company of others. This makes you seem inaccessible when it comes to emotions, because you are very hard to read. You know this, though, don’t you? It’s no great loss of character to admit your vulnerability in situations that call for emotions. Just as you are able to be there for others, let them do the same for you!

Element: Air

12. Pisces

emotional pisces

Your sign is special – it holds a mystical connection to all other signs. As such, you are exceptionally perceptive when it comes to emotions. You know how to feel, and in great measures; of course, this relates to your own feelings, but more so to the feelings of others. When you sense that someone else is sad, a certain bout of melancholy will come over you that you won’t find easy to hide. This empathy is your power – appreciate it!

Element: Water

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