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What Kind Of Diva Are You Secretly? Your Zodiac Says…

What Kind Of Diva Are You Secretly? Your Zodiac Says…

Did you know your sunsign might be related to the kind of clothes you choose to wear? No? We didn’t either! So we started unraveling the secrets of the zodiac, how the stars affect our personality and how our personality affects how we pick our clothes and our favourite colours. Here are the results!

1. The Weekend Diva – Aries

how does your sunsign dress. 1

What’s a weekend without a burst of energy from the Aries ram? The fun-loving Aries girl not only loves to work hard, she parties harder. And weekends are her territory. The Aries style is fun, bold and colourful. Ruled by the planet Mars, the ram likes bright colours that represent the sun like orange, yellow and red. Be beautiful always in this gorgeous printed bodycon and add a matching yellow belt to give the illusion of a slim waist. Pair this dress with bright accessories to complete the 60s swing look.

2. The Party Diva  – Taurus

how does your sunsign dress. 2

Taureans are the life of the party. Although they can be quite hot-headed at times, Taurean bulls keep everyone in good spirits. The attractive Taurean girl is ruled by the planet Venus and loves earthy colours like blacks, whites, greys and greens. No debate! Be the toast of any party in this monochrome, printed tunic. If you have a narrow waist, cinch it to show it off!

3. The Shopping Diva – Gemini

how does your sunsign dress. 3

The Gemini girl has a number of passions and shopping is one of them. People born under this expressive sunsign love to let their style speak and they hate to be loyal to any colour. Ruled by the planet Mercury, this sign loves to keep up with trends. So if you’re going shopping with them, it is advisable to have your pockets loaded. Go shopping and make heads turn at the same time in this beautiful printed jumpsuit. Dress it up with accessories and heels for a night out.

4. The Festival Diva – Cancer

how does your sunsign dress. 4

Cancerians are all about the community and family and hence they never miss a gathering that includes all the people they love. What brings loved ones together? Festivals of course! The Cancerian girl wears her heart on her sleeve and is driven by her emotions. Ruled by the moon, this sign loves any colours that reflect the ocean, like blues and whites. This monochrome outfit is perfect for any kind of festival and you can add a necklace to dress it up.

5. The Fitness Diva – Leo

how does your sunsign dress. 5

Leos are all about the window dressing. They love anything that is OTT and grandiose. And they love to be in top shape to show off their enviable figures (they never do anything in small measures!). Bold cuts and styles stand-out and appeal to a Leo girl because if you’re ruled by the sun, you’re used to being the centre of attention, right? Pair this lace crop top with a pair of peach-coloured fitted pants to flaunt those washboard abs.

6. The Artistic Diva – Virgo

how does your sunsign dress. 6

The Virgo girl is practical, compassionate, orderly and well-informed. Someone who usually tends to overthink things, this Mercury-ruled sign believes that neatness is the key to an organised life. The Virgo girl loves classic cuts and colours that appeal to her creative side. Let this printed dress cater to your artistic side. Pair it with teal shoes for the perfect day-date look.

7. The Wedding Diva – Libra

how does your sunsign dress. 7

Librans are usually on-fleek with their dressing sense and up-to-date with the latest trends. If there’s a gathering, a Libran will be there in her best attire. This Venus-ruled sign is feminine and doesn’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to style. Librans like bold colours and quirky cuts that make heads turn. This flowy dress can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and the colour-blocking is totes gorgeous!

8. The Night Out Diva – Scorpio

how does your sunsign dress. 8

You know how they say you should never hold a grudge against a Scorpio-born because they never forget being wronged? Well, the flipside is that Scorpio girls make the most loyal friends too! Trust a caring Scorpio to carry your drunk carcass home after every party and never let you fall into any trouble. The Scorpio is attracted to the colours of the sky. Show off your curves in a body con dress. The vertical stripes help create the illusion of a slimmer figure.

9. The College Reunion Diva – Sagittarius

how does your sunsign dress. 9

Always the funny one at a table full of people, the Sagittarius girl is witty, thinks on her toes and dresses to the T. Usually someone who likes to dress practically, this Jupiter-ruled sign makes sure an outfit is as fashionable as it is comfortable (because stand-up comedy is a hard job!). Pair this blue cinch-waisted tunic dress with leggings or jeans. Not only does the outfit show off your curves, the pleated dress is also very NOW!

10. The Office Diva – Capricorn

how does your sunsign dress. 10

Always the serious worker among a bunch of colleagues, people born under this sign tend to go for their goals with dogged determination and do not find peace until they’ve achieved their dreams. Not one for humour, the Capricorn girl dresses to impress and to be taken seriously. For the office, pair this chic tunic slit-down-the-front dress with black jeans and a spaghetti. Black and blue are classic office colours and make a great impression.

11. The Brunch Diva – Aquarius

how does your sunsign dress. 11

Everyone’s agony aunt, this Uranus-ruled sunsign loves to be loved! Aquarians live for peoples’ appreciation and love doing things to impress those around them. And that’s what makes this sign so affable and easy to like. Aquarians love soft, pastel colours that are pleasing to everyone’s eyes and there’s nothing they like better than brunches with their besties. This classic pastel pink top with a pencil skirt works perfectly for brunch with the girls. Throw on some pearls for a flirty charm.

12. The Fashion Diva – Pisces

how does your sunsign dress. 12

Ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisceans are imaginative. They are ahead of their times when it comes to their sartorial choices and usually pick avant-garde outfits to make eyes pop. Blow them away in this button down dress paired with a skirt or shorts (to show off those enviable pins!). You’ll look like you just stepped off the ramp!

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05 May 2016

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