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Coronavirus Ki Tai Tai Phish: How This Pune Girl Welcomed Her Sister Who Beat COVID’s Ass

Coronavirus Ki Tai Tai Phish: How This Pune Girl Welcomed Her Sister Who Beat COVID’s Ass

The world has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for over 6 months now. During tough times like these, it is the little things that bring immense joy to our lives. Some of us have not met our families during this time, while others are stuck in a different country and are not even sure about when they’ll get to see their loved ones. While it’s easy to believe that things will get better, it is extremely difficult at times, to wait for them. 

Amid these gloomy times, we all want to look for sunshine. But sometimes, you have to make your own sunshine. Saloni Satpute, a girl from Pune, is someone who didn’t wait for happy times and created her own sunshine. She took the internet by storm with a welcome song and dance for her sister who beat COVID-19 and got back home from the hospital yesterday. She danced to a super energetic number, Tai Tai Phish, from the movie ‘Chillar Party’, and we can say is that she indeed must have been super happy to her her sister!

Here is the video which will put a huge smile on your face and will definitely make you dance along.

23-year-old Saloni is seen welcoming her sister, Snehal, with a dance that is so infectious that makes both her sister and mother dance. Their mother, soon after the dance, welcomes Snehal with aarti ki thaali and tika.

Tough times began for this family when Saloni and Snehal’s father was tested positive for COVID earlier this month. Soon after that, other members of the family were positive too. Sonal, on the other hand, was fine and was left alone in the house while her family was in the hospital. Her parents were discharged earlier than her sister, and returned home last week. This dance was to celebrate her healthy return.

This video went viral on Twitter yesterday and has over 50k views already. It only goes to prove that no matter how bad things get, there is always light at the end of every tunnel. We just have to be patient and keep our spirits up no matter what happens. Soon after the video went viral, Twitter was flooded with heartwarming messages for Snehal and Saloni. Here are some of the best comments!


Same, buddy, same.

Best way to say goodbye to fear!

Indiawale, FTW!


Exactly what you need during these tough times!

Because at the end of the day, all you need to do is smile through tough times!

Ours too!

Kyuki, jeena isi ka naam hai!

Tai Tai phish!

We feel you!

And so did her sister!

This video will be etched in our hearts for a long time. The infectious energy of the sisters is giving us a ray of hope during these difficult times. 

Featured Image: Twitter

20 Jul 2020

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