5 Hip Hair Colours To Try Out This Season If You’re Up For A Complete Beauty Makeover

Lubna KhanLubna Khan  |  Sep 8, 2021
Hair colour


Getting your hair coloured or highlighted can totally amp up your look. Simply adding a few coloured streaks to your hair can take your overall look from basic to bold! You can choose to reflect your playful personality by opting for funky, vibrant highlights, or opt for a natural subtle look. Either way, it’s the right time to jump on the hair dye bandwagon as a lot of hair salons have opened up. While there are numerous hair colour trends that are doing the rounds of social media, we have picked some of the best ones that you can choose from.

Top 5 Hair Colour Trends To Try Out This Season

French Balayage

Divya Agarwal French Balayage

French balayage is among the most popular and beautiful hair trends currently. The beauty of a French balayage is that it looks completely effortless and subtle, yet gives you that natural sunkissed look! However, if you’re looking to get this done, choose a good salon as it takes skills to blend the light and dark colours seamlessly.  Divya Agarwal recently rocked this hair trend, and we’re absolutely loving the transformation!

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Galaxy Hair

Galaxy hair

You must’ve definitely come across this edgy galaxy hair trend while scrolling through Instagram. It’s a huge hit on social media! If you think red and copper shades are overrated, you can instead opt for cooler hues such as purple, blue, magenta. These cosmo hair colours, however, require a lot of maintenance and can fade quickly.

Money Piece Highlight

Money Piece highlights

Money piece highlights are basically coloured face-framing highlights. When used with the right colours, they can accentuate your features, and gives a chic look! While brown and blonde are the most commonly used colours for this hair trend, many people also opt for vibrant shades such as blue, violet. You must have seen brown/blonde money pieces highlight by celebs such as Dua Lipa, Victoria Beckham.

Peekaboo Hair


This new hair trend has been gaining a lot of popularity this year! Simply put, these are just coloured locks that are hidden under the top layer of your hair, so you only get glimpses of the colour when you wear your hair down. Try opting for vibrant colours when getting this playful hairstyle. It will completely freshen up your entire look! However, you will need a skilled colourist to get this look right.

Bronde Hair


Bronde is basically a blend of brown and blonde shades by using balayage. The idea is to gradually go from your dark hair at the roots to lighter colour towards the tips. It adds a dimension to your hair, and looks stunning when the gradient effect is perfectly achieved.  Choose the right bronde colour according to your skin tone, and you’re all set!

If this is the first time you’re getting your hair coloured, you should know that preventing the chemicals from damaging your hair takes extra effort. To make sure that your colour lasts longer, use colour protecting shampoos and conditioners for your hair. Also, remember to always oil your hair before shampooing.

We hope these latest hair colour trends helped you pick the right one for your locks!

Featured Image: Instagram