Take Notes Cause We’re Predicting The Biggest Beauty Trends Of 2022 & They Are Oh-So-Fab

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jan 5, 2022
Take Notes Cause We’re Predicting The Biggest Beauty Trends Of 2022 & They Are Oh-So-Fab


It feels like just yesterday we were talking about 2021 beauty trends, and now, we’re already mapping out the beauty trends that will get the most mileage in 2022. Fashion week S/S 22 has made headlines with plenty of wardrobe inspiration as well as the hair and makeup looks, that have been next-level- and, thankfully, wearable too.

Looking back on 2021’s biggest trends, like technicolour lids and fresh skin, many of 2022 makeup trends will be a natural progression (think glossy skin, eye jewels, and whimsical liner). So, to help you stay ahead of the curve, we are highlighting some of the chicest beauty trends that we think will reach viral status in 2022.

It’s Official: These Will Be The Biggest Beauty Trends In 2022

Go-Big-Or-Go-Home Glitter

While we’re all pretty used to highlighting the high points of our faces by now, in 2022, when it comes to adding sparkle, more is more. On the runway, everyone’s skin was glowing so much you could probably see the shimmer from space. We can’t wait to incorporate this dazzling beauty trend into our own beauty routines with moon-beam eyeshadows and luminescent body oils. 

Peach Eye Shadow FTW!

Peach is going to be the It colour in makeup. It looks playful as an eyeliner or eye shadow, but it is still subdued enough for everyday wear. The colour also marks a departure from some of the more bright, poppy pinks we’ve seen recently. 

’90s Center Part Is Here To Stay

Sorry, millennials, but Gen Z was right. The middle part is here to stay. On the runways, we saw middle parts so many times that we’re also pretty sure they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. For folks looking to try an ultra-sleek look with your middle part, we recommend investing in a rat-tail comb and a high-powered blow dryer. 

Whimsical Liner For The Head-Turners

If you need a makeup trend with endless possibilities. Enter: the colourful liner makeup look. It’s sleek, sexy and effortless and there are no rules with this look. Colourful liner has been reigning supreme for the last two years, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Dewy Skin Will Reign Supreme

We’ve witnessed a sharp retreat from matte skin in recent seasons, and this year you are going to see dewy skin that’s borderline glossy. Yes, we are talking about tthe glazed-doughnut level of glow. Look for skincare products that give your skin that dewy gleam and invest in makeup products that melt into skin.

Bejeweled Eyes For Glitz & Glamour

Eye jewels have been taking the spotlight more and more recently, and we are calling it: they are going to become 2022’s biggest beauty trend. It’s one of the easiest ways to instantly glamm up any look. Pop a gem or two around your peepers for an understated take on the trend, or add tons of glitter for a more daring look. 

Fire-Red Lips For The Love Of Classics

Winter is just around the corner, and the fashion set has already zeroed in on lip colours we’ll all be coveting this season. This year’s biggest trend is a classic. Red lipstick will be bigger than ever before. Think Parisian-inspired pouts and Old Hollywood glamour. When looking for red lipstick this year, opt for a hydrating finish for the ultimate cold-girl lip.

Statement Hair Accessories

Now that you’ve edited our closet and made the appropriate nips and tucks to suit the year, it’s time to do the same with hair accessories that will lend a helping hand in bringing those looks to life. From pearl barrette to velvet clips, these are a new slew of hair accessories you’ll want to add to your arsenal in 2022. 

Which one of these beauty trends would you like to try next? Let us know in the comment section below.

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