That’s What He Said: 7 Men Tell Us About Outfits That Get Them Hot!

Arunima RustagiArunima Rustagi  |  Apr 11, 2018
That’s What He Said: 7 Men Tell Us About Outfits That Get Them Hot!

Whether you’ve just started dating someone or already have a man locked down, “this dress will make him wanna jump my bones” is pretty much the look you’re aiming for.  Like I said, pretty much. While most of us think that the only outfit a guy would want you in is your ‘birthday suit’, i.e, butt naked, it’s surprisingly not so. If you’re dressing up for a special someone, this is what you should keep in mind: men love the chase and the mystery. It excites them.excitement GIF-source

There are actual outfits that get men hot and that does not include lingerie, my friends. Yes, I mean looks you can step out of the house in without feeling naked. How do we know for sure, you wonder?

Well, we spoke to a bunch of regular 20-something men, 7 to be exact and asked them to describe the outfit that would, guaranteed, get them hot. From t-shirts to yoga pants, there are all kinds of looks in there. Read on, and see for yourself:

1. Saree Not Sorry


“I think a saree would absolutely get me going. It’s the ideal outfit, hides what needs to be hidden, but shows just the right amount of skin. I think the mystery is what gets me.” – Kshitij, Account Executive

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2. Tee Party


“What does the trick for me is a chill look that every girl has in her closet. A curve-hugging, white tee and skin-fit jeans. It’s sensuous and casual at the same time.” – Arush Bhandari, Lawyer

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3. Jump In


“It’s really sexy when a woman can work a well-tailored, subtle coloured jumpsuit with ease. Throw stilettos and big earrings in the mix and it’s the most killer and the sexiest combination for me.” – Bharat Bajaj, Senior Sales Consultant

Price: ₹ 3,490. Buy it here.

4. Red Hot


“ What gets me hot… A deep red dress with thin straps. It’s as simple as that. It’s just something about that colour. It’s hot but elegant at the same time.” – Sameer, Enterprise Business Developer

Price: ₹ 650. Buy it here.

5. Summer Heat


“A collarbone-baring summer dress is my favourite thing on a woman. It’s super sexy.” – Ishan Sarna, Realtor

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6. Down For Gowns


“Every man loves to see a woman in a nice elegant dress. Minimal make-up and jewellery. That’s the type of outfit that I, personally, find super hot.” – Arsh Anand, Consultant

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7. Perfect Fit


“It might seem out of the ordinary, but I think gymwear is super hot. A woman in a sports bra or cropped T-shirt and high waist yoga pants is my idea of the ultimate sexy outfit.” – Chetanya Sharma, Pilot

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