Honeymoon Lingerie: The ONLY Thing Left Between You And Him…

Kritika RathiKritika Rathi  |  May 5, 2016
Honeymoon Lingerie: The ONLY Thing Left Between You And Him…


A shout-out to all you lovely ladies getting married! Pay attention – we know you’re going crazy over all the shaadi shopping, spending hours at the gym and splurging tonnes of money at the salon. But it’s time to stop and think about that one vacation where you finally get to be alone after all that wedding drama, with the man in your life – THE HONEYMOON. When everything else is perfect: the destination, the man (of course!) and the outfits – we definitely don’t want you to go wrong with the most exciting part of that checklist – the lingerie! These 10 key items are all you need to add some chutzpah to your vacay…

1. Little Black Cover-Up

Honeymoon Lingerie

You can never really go wrong with black. Tantalise your partner with a chemise, a nightgown or even a negligee. You can wear this over lacy lingerie or nothing at all… Depends on how risque you’re feeling!

POPxo Recommends: Caprice Fish Cut Sheer Mesh Long Length Nightgown (Rs 3,495)

2. Satin Indulgence

Honeymoon Lingerie

We’ve always coveted those soft delicate silk robes all over the internet but it was never practical to wear them without a special occasion. Well, here it is, It’s time to get one for yourself! Put it on when you are cozying up in bed right before all the action. It doesn’t spell out sexy loudly but there is something seductive about what you are hiding underneath.

 POPxo Recommends: Sweet Dreams Satiny Chemise with Floral Print Robe (Rs 2,699)

3. So Very Seductive

Honeymoon Lingerie

C’mon, this is the very moment where it’s all right to be suggestive. Wear an OTT flouncy pink  Babydoll or a fitted teddy in pretty lacy red. As cute as they sound, these items ooze a naughty-wicked vibe.

 POPxo Recommends: Satin Floral Lace Bridal Red Chemise (Rs 1,495)

4. The Right Add-Ons

Honeymoon Lingerie

With the right kind of add-ons you can totally jazz up even simple lingerie and even make it more comfortable. Little elements like stockings, garter belts and suspenders can take your ensemble to another level of (irresistible!). Pair this with the right makeup and killer heels to up your hot quotient.

POPxo Recommends: Moonbasa Soft and Sheer Black Pantyhose with Sensational Pattern (Rs 895)

5. The Enhancers

Honeymoon Lingerie

After a tiring day of sightseeing, give yourself a little “lift”, literally speaking! What better way to get the energy levels up?! In a push-up bra you’ll get that for sure !

POPxo Recommends: Crystal Pink Incredible Extreme Lift Push-up Bra (Rs 899)

6. Comfy Night Wear

Honeymoon Lingerie

You’re in travel mode, you will be tired and you will want to reboot! Even for those nights, ditch the traditional long nighties and the pajama sets. Go for satin rompers, short sleep tops, lace-trimmed knee-length night dresses or a spaghetti-shorts set. They spell cute and cheeky at the same time!

 POPxo Recommends: New Look Floral Print Cami-Short Set (Rs 1,595)

7. The Quintessentials

Honeymoon Lingerie

For that big suitcase that you’re carrying, you’ll need a variety of basics that fit flawlessly under many outfits. A strapless bra, that tummy tucker, the seamless panties – pack all of it to look awesome in every vacay selfie!  

 POPxo Recommends: Skin High Waist Shaping Brief (Rs 999)

8. Stock-pile Of Panties

Honeymoon Lingerie

If you’re going on a honeymoon for 5 days, pack at least 10 panties for your trip. Frilly knickers, foxy G-strings, slinky thongs, basic briefs and seamless nudes are some of the items you should definitely pack.

POPxo Recommends: Pair Of Lace Thongs (Rs 475)

9. A Figure Hugging Corset

honeymoon lingerie

A corset is the ultimate flattering garment that exists!! Whatever your frame is, a corset will only accentuate your curves and make you look like a bombshell. Get a plain black satin one or a decorative piece. Anything works!

 POPxo RecommendsPenny Rich Jacquard Corset (Rs 2,195)

10. Wear Your Confidence

honeymoon lingerie

There is absolutely nothing better than looking sultry while remaining true to yourself. Along with all these items, just put on that smile and you’ll be able to pull off any level of sexy smoothly.

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