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10+ Benefits Of Honey Lemon Water That’ll Convince You To Have It Every Morning

10+ Benefits Of Honey Lemon Water That’ll Convince You To Have It Every Morning

Boil water. Add a spoonful of honey. Squeeze in half a lemon. Tada! Sip on this flavourful morning drink to begin your day on a sweet, healthy note. Does this sound like your go-to a.m. ritual? Well, you’re not alone. Considering that honey lemon water benefits have been hailed since forever, most of us kickstart the day with this drink. In fact, nutritionists around the world vouch for the health benefits of lemon honey water on empty stomach and even prescribe it in most of their diet plans. So here’s everything you need to know about benefits of drinking hot water with lemon and honey if you’re planning to give it a go.

Incredible Benefits Of Honey Lemon Water


From detoxifying your body to helping you shed weight, the health benefits of lemon honey water on empty stomach are pretty well acknowledged. These make it a popular morning drink across the world and of course, in most Indian households. However, if you’ve still not included this magic potion in your daily routine, these ten proven benefits of honey lemon water will convince you to start sippin’ on it every morning. Check them out:

Low In Calories


Don’t we all need a morning kick to get, set, go and take on the day? Well, it’s a cuppa coffee for some and the good-old garam chai for others. But, be warned, these caffeinated beverages can cause acidity when taken empty stomach and are also higher in calories. Enter our good ol’ lemon water. One of the best benefits of lemon honey water on empty stomach is that it fuels you up, minus the caffeine and the extra cals. Win, win, we say.

Aids Digestion


Undigested food in your digestive tract can lead to health issues like gut inflammation, acidity, and bloating. However, a great benefit of lemon honey water on empty stomach is that it aids digestion. The drink triggers acid and bile secretion. These juices help break down undigested food and prevent stomach-related issues.

Detoxifies The Body


Another one of the awesome honey lemon water benefits is that the drink acts as a natural diuretic. For the unversed, diuretics are substances that make you urinate more frequently and help you get rid of excess salt, water, and toxins that enter the body through consumption of foods grown using fertilisers, preservatives, etc. This helps you feel lighter and is a great way to cleanse your organs of these harmful substances. 

Great For The Heart


Factors like increased salt intake or an inflammatory response to an injury can make the body retain more water. Excessive amounts of water retention can cause swelling in different parts of the body like feet and hands. It can also put more load on the heart and cause hypertension. However, the diuretic effect is a great honey and lemon water drink benefit and helps prevent this issue. 

Can Help You Lose Weight


Starting the day with this drink can help you cash in on the weight loss benefits of honey lemon water. While it helps you begin your day on a fat-burning note, it also boosts your metabolism, keeps you hydrated, and suppresses your appetite naturally. This can help you lower your caloric intake, burn more calories, and maintain healthy weight.

Can Give You Clear Skin


The combined power of the diuretic effect of this health elixir and the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of this drink can help achieve clear skin. Additionally, its hydrating properties can help combat dry skin and flakiness. This is a godsend benefit of drinking hot water with lemon and honey for those looking to improve their skin quality. 

Boosts Immunity


Lemon is super rich in vitamin C and honey is loaded with antioxidants. The combo of these ingredients is what makes this drink a tasty immunity booster. This disease-prevention honey lemon warm water benefit can help you stay healthy even in the flu-spreading season.

Great For Sick Days


Another benefit of drinking hot water with lemon and honey is some much-needed relief from throat infections, pain, cough, and chest congestion. All credits to the large amount of vitamin C present in lemon and the soothing properties of honey. Sipping on this concoction will make you feel better and more energetic when you’re down and out with a regular flu.

Relieves Constipation


Constipation relief is yet another benefit of drinking hot water with lemon and honey that makes this drink the ultimate health booster. The warm water and honey promote bowel movements. The acid from the lemon helps break down undigested food and reduces flatulence and gas that accompany constipation.

Prevents UTIs 


The diuretic properties of this health drink can help flush out toxins, bacteria, and infections from the body by means of frequent urination. This increases the chances of removal of bacteria from the urinary tract naturally. And this makes for another amazing health benefit of drinking hot water with lemon and honey.

Great For Those Dealing With Kidney Stones


One of the main symptoms of kidney stones is passing acidic urine that creates a burning sensation. Sodium citrate and potassium citrate are often prescribed as the first line of treatment for this condition. But this honey lemon water benefit has got you covered. The acidic lemon juice gets converted into sodium citrate in the body naturally. So having this drink can create an alkalising effect and relieve the burning sensation that you may experience while peeing. 

How To Make Honey Lemon Water


A peek into the benefits of drinking hot water with lemon and honey might have already convinced you to start your day with it. However, if you’re wondering how to make that perfect cup of this healthy concoction, we’re here for you. Two easily-available kitchen ingredients and some hot water is all you need.

-1/2 lemon 

-1 tsp organic honey

-1 glass of warm water

Start by boiling water in a pan. Pour it into a cup once it cools down and becomes warm. Now, add a teaspoon of honey and squeeze half a lemon into it. Done, done, London! That’s it, really! Easy-breezy, right? Sip on it and thank us later.

Side-Effects Of Honey Lemon Water


The multitude of honey lemon water benefits may make you want to down litres of this concoction in a go and drink it all day, everyday. However, there are certain side-effects associated with the excess consumption of this liquid. Take a look at the three most common ones:

Dental Issues


Lemon is rich in citric acid. When consumed in a high concentration on a regular basis it can deplete the enamel of your teeth. FYI, enamel is the hard, protective layer on the surface of your teeth and its depletion can lead to tooth sensitivity, cracks, and breakage. So always use a diluted mixture of lemon and honey water to avoid erosion. P.S. If you have an existing dental issue, consult a dentist before including this drink in your diet.



The same acid in lemon that helps aid digestion can also cause gastric issues like acid reflux or heartburn. Remember, moderation is key here. So keep the lemon quantity limited and don’t drink this mixture more than once or twice a day. Avoid it completely if you already suffer from these gastric probs.

Frequent Urination


Excess consumption of this otherwise healthy beverage can lead to frequent urination. Visiting the loo again and again can be quite cumbersome, especially if you’re on the go or travel a lot. Again, moderation is key. Remember this rule and you’ll be just fine.


When should I drink lemon and honey water?

The best time to drink lemon honey water is in the morning. Drinking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach gets your system in the fat burning mode. It also helps expel any harmful chemicals and toxins from the body by boosting bowel movement and keeping the digestive system healthy.

What are the side effects of lemon with honey in warm water?

Lemon honey water is a healthy beverage. However, excess consumption of this drink can lead to enamel erosion, acidity, and frequent urination. If you have any underlying health conditions like diabetes or stomach ulcers, do consult with your doctor before making this drink a part of your diet.

Can I drink honey lemon water at night?

It is better to have this drink in the morning. It contains honey that can raise your blood sugar levels. While this can fuel you up at the beginning of the day, the sugar gets converted to fat when unutilised at night. 

All in all, the benefits of honey lemon water are real and make it a great healthy drink to kickstart the day on an energetic, fat-burning note. However, the cardinal rule of cashing in on the benefits of lemon honey water on an empty stomach is to consume the healthy liquid in moderation. So make yourself a cup every morning and drink it away. Cheers!

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27 May 2022

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