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Oh Honey! This Sweet Hair Colour Is The Latest Trend Everyone Wants RN

Oh Honey! This Sweet Hair Colour Is The Latest Trend Everyone Wants RN

Instagram’s discover feed is the new Pinterest! Thanks to those countless hours spent on double-tapping on pictures of our gorgeous Plixxo beauty bloggers, I will either dye my hair some crazy colour (I’m thinking either purple or green) or I might shave it off completely! No, I’m not crazy, it’s just that there are so many options and I want to try them all!

Your hair can change your look drastically by just doing something different with your hair, even if it’s something as simple as getting a trim. And if you’re normal (read: not like me at all) and looking for a subtle but a super classy hairdo, this super new hair colour should be on your radar!

Are you ready for a sweet change to your look?

Honey Caramel Hair


Ever since Kylie Jenner ditched her blonde wig for subtle brown hair, everyone wants a taste of it (Sorry red hair, you had your run). Time to undo the boring with honey caramel hair!

As yummy as it sounds, this 90s inspired hair shade is not new. Our fave Bollywood actresses have been sporting this colour before it became the new cool.

Are you ready to dye your locks and hair flip your way to 2021? We know you are!

Honey caramel is all about having a rich brunette hair base (where my Indian beauties at?) with lighter tones of gold that looks really pretty. Having caramel highlights was a huge hit back in the 90s but this ombre-esque hairdo is its much cooler, elder sister.

We know you want to change your hair colour post-quarantine!

It not only looks versatile but literally anyone can hop on to this trend. It looks modern, ultra-chic and compliments our brown skin tones.

How To Do It?

The process is all about transitioning your natural dark hair colour to a #SunKissed one! Imagine you just came back from a hot summer vacation. Not only your body got a crisp brown tan but your hair’s changed too– that’s what this colour is all about.

Starting with a deeper caramel shade and transitioning to lighter honey on the ends gives your hair a shade that’s too cool for the summer, we know you want it.

JLo is a fan too!


Unlike dying your hair during the quarantine, this hair colour does require professional help. Just show your hairdresser what you want and let them do their magic.

If you’re seriously considering this colour change, making sure you have a consultation before going all in. Ask your colourist to show you some options on your hair before the process. Warm, neutral or cool tones- what’s your pick?

The key to flaunting this shade is to choose a colour that matches perfectly with your complexion. A random shade that your fave celeb is currently sporting can go all wrong if it ends up looks super tacky on you.

Do not go super brassy on the colour scale. Light coppery or honey tones will look amazing with our skin colour.

A woman who cuts colours her hair is about to change her life, are you that woman?

Featured Image: Twitter

24 Jun 2020

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