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28 Honest Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Tiger 3’. Let’s Start ‘Leke Prabhu Ka Naam’!

Tiger 3 released three days ago and we will need another three weeks to get over the cringe dialogues, dull acting and the ‘iconic’ background score. While watching the movie (yes, I did it and made it back alive), I had some serious thoughts that I just couldn’t digest. 

Therefore, we decided to document these thoughts for our readers in the article below. Let’s take a long breath and check these out together!


1. What an adorable home to start the movie’s first frame with! I mean, the interiors look gorgeous and antique.

2. WTF, did they just kill Aamir Bashir’s character after just one scene? I really had high hopes from Rehan Nazar’s character. So brutal. 


3. Oh damn, is that why Katrina joined the ISI – for her late father? Why does it feel like I’m watching Raazi 2.0?

4. Here we go – swagat nahin karoge bhaijaan ka? Why is his entrance scene the same for each of his characters – back shot, alongside a bike and wearing a leather jacket in a secluded background?

5. The first action scene is here but why is the protagonist beating the shit out of his enemies by throwing humans and their bodies around?

6. Oh Ranvir Shorey, are you really telling the truth?


7. I think I need to take a vacation to Austria because look how beautiful it looks! 

8. Is he… stalking his own wife because a stranger told him a secret about his wife?

9. Oh, they are now in Russia? Are they country-hopping across Europe?

10. Tiger, what’s with that weird fake beard and hair and why does he look like he hasn’t taken a shower in weeks? REALLY?


11. OMG, it really is Zoya! Ah, shiat! Also, I’m loving this face-off between them.

12. Gosh, Emraan Hashmi is here as Aatish Rehman. I think I’m going to faint. He looks so fine!

13. Okay Aatish, WTF is this behaviour? You can’t just drug a child for some codes.

14. Yes, I have put Istanbul on my vacation bucket list. 


15. Did this man just cut this big-ass glass with his finger and went inside?

16. I can’t believe the makers set an entire scene in a hammam for the audience to see two women fighting in their towels. Absolutely ridiculous! She could have fought the woman anywhere else!

17. I’m starting to hate this Aatish character now (I love the actor and his phenomenal acting skills though). 

18. Well, this serves him right for sending his pregnant wife on a suicide mission!


19. It’s hilarious how he created a frickin’ bomb with a torch wire. LOL.

20. Why is this weird ball singing ‘jhoome jo pathaan’? Does this mean…

21. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan is here as Pathaan. However, nothing can save this disaster – not even all the action and ‘funny’ banter between the two heroes.

22. Tiger just landed from the sky without a parachute. I’m done.


23. The team just came back to where Tiger escaped from. WTF is happening?

24. Here comes the big (and hopefully the last) fight. 

25. Finally, Aatish The Villian is dead.

26. Brilliant gesture but my only question is how did these Pakistani kids learn India’s national anthem so quickly?


27. Oooh, loved Hrithik Roshan’s cameo as Kabir Dhaliwal in the post-credit scene. More of him next time, please.

28. Finally, the moment I was waiting for – the end. This was quite a rollercoaster ride!

There you go, that’s my honest reaction to the movie. You are welcome!

15 Nov 2023

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