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#BeautySecrets: Glowing skin and how to care for it!

#BeautySecrets: Glowing skin and how to care for it!

For most of my life, I had been blessed with clear, glowing skin. I didn’t go through the usual pimples or acne-filled face phase (that most girls go through in their teenage years) either. So I always thought that I just got lucky! 

With little to worry about as far as my skin was concerned, I didn’t particularly bother about taking care of it. I did the whole face wash/ face cream routine in the morning – but that was about it. Beyond that, I couldn’t have cared. After all, my glowing skin was a constant. So why did I need to do anything extra? Or so I thought.

My little bubble burst somewhere towards the end of my college years. My ever clear and glowing skin was beginning to look rather dull. I was even beginning to get random breakouts every now and then. All the stress of entering the “real world” was getting to me, I was told. It was a hectic, busy world – and if I didn’t take care of my skin, it would only keep getting worse. 

I brushed it off as soon as I heard it. My glowing skin was probably just going through a phase, I told myself. It would recover on its own. I mean, I had never had to do anything before to keep it looking the way it used to. So why did I need to now? 



But as time went by and I started working, I had even less time to stop and think about my skin. They were right, the real world was a hectic place! And my glowing skin was bearing the consequences. One day, after coming home from work, I looked at myself in the mirror and I actually felt sorry for my skin. What had I done to it. Why hadn’t I done something at the right time? It was dull and lifeless. I looked at least five years older than I actually was. I wanted to cry! 

Like in most situations, my grandmom came to the rescue! She told me not to worry – she had a solution! I was really glad and thankful. I just wanted my glowing skin back! And this time I was willing to put in as much effort as was needed!.

INSIDE home remed for glowing skin

She made a face pack for me at home and told me to use it at least once a week – if I couldn’t find the time to do it more often than that. She made a paste out of almonds and four daals – moong dhuli, masoor dhuli, mah dhuli and channa daal. She churned them all together dry in a mixi. I was supposed to keep this mixture in a jar, in a cool and non-wet place. Just before using it, she asked me to mix some malai and lemon to it – and then apply a thick layer of the mix to my face. 


I did this twice a week for a month continuously – and believe me, it worked wonders. Of course, I would have to be consistent with taking care of my skin for it to continue looking and feeling soft and bright – but believe me when I say I had my glowing skin back again! 

I still use this pack at least once a week along with the other skin care rituals I have now incorporated in my daily life. I use a good day and night cream regularly in order to keep my skin hydrated – and I never, ever forget to take my makeup off and cleanse my skin thoroughly before going to bed for super glowing skin all along!

I think I learnt my lesson for life! Never taking my skin for granted again!

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05 May 2016

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