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The Coolest Holiday-Approved Eye Makeup To Try This Year

The Coolest Holiday-Approved Eye Makeup To Try This Year

There are very many reasons to enjoy the holidays, but for us, wearing Christmas-approved eye makeup comes in first (well, alright, it comes in second, right after unwrapping presents). It’s a perfect excuse to go all out with the muted shades and glitter because of the holiday gatherings, family time, and mystical ambiance. Even though we’re still getting into celebration mode, every event you have planned is a fantastic opportunity to bring out the makeup brushes and use that eyeshadow palette you’ve been wanting to use. We compiled all the makeup inspiration we’ve been saving since January so you may be prepared for every situation, from the traditional grinch green eye makeup to the outlandish thick wings. For the best party and Christmas makeup ideas, continue reading.

7 Holiday-Approved Eye Makeup That’ll Get You In The Christmas Spirit ASAP!

Glittery Wings!

These oversized glitter wings are incredibly beautiful and much simpler to wear than they appear. Use cream eyeshadow or glitter glue to create your base, then use tape to create a crisp edge. Add a layer of loose glitter while the base is still tacky. Then, remove the tape, and use it to gather any stray glitter that may have landed near your eyes. You’re good to go once you apply lip gloss.


We Feel Deep Green!

The perfect blend of grunge and glamm is an evergreen liner outlined around your eyes. For a look that will get everyone talking at the party, pair it with complementary green mascara.

Pop Of Pastel

Use a soft splash of baby blue inspired by the snow falling outside. Line your inner corner with a baby blue eyeliner pencil, then smudge it with your finger. Use the same approach to your outer corner without linking the middle for a similar ethereal vibe.


Earthy Greens

To make any fun shade feel more wearable, add a halo of brown in your crease and on your lower lash line. This works with any color, but it looks particularly pretty and not to mention festive, with a soft green.

Graphic Eyeliner FTW!

There is no better time than the holidays to try something dramatic given how popular graphic liners have become. Just give yourself plenty of time to get the shape perfect, and be prepared with micellar water and pointed cotton swabs in case anything goes wrong.


Grinch-Inspired Eyeshadow

Even the most cynical of your pals will be impressed by the out-of-the-box yet on-theme choice of lime shadow.

Major Wings

Although subtle eyeliner looks have been popular this year, the holidays are the perfect excuse to go all out and make big wings and fluffy lashes the focal point of your makeup. To create a cat eye that will last all night, use a waterproof eyeliner.


Which one’s your favourite?

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07 Dec 2022
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