Chaos & Colours: 8 Things That You’ll Relate To If You’re Not A Fan Of Playing Holi

Janvi ManchandaJanvi Manchanda  |  Mar 24, 2021
Chaos & Colours: 8 Things That You’ll Relate To If You’re Not A Fan Of Playing Holi


Bura na mano Holi hai–we’ve all heard this far too many times. From people to the streets, everything is a mess during the festival of colours. Gulaal, permanent colours, eggs, water–amid all the chaos, we all find our own reasons to enjoy this rangon ka mausam. But not everyone enjoys it. For some people, Holi is the day to lock themselves up inside the safety of their homes and send holi wishes over phone because all those water balloons are no fun. 

While some find joy in Holi pranks others find it to be a rather dirty (literally) festival. TBH, who likes to be dripping wet (and dirty) all day long? If like me, you dislike this festival of colours and chaos, here are a few things you’ll relate to

1. Organic Colour = Dhoka

Let’s face it, guys! Those ‘organic’ colors you’ve bought from that neighborhood shop wale bhaiya are hardly organic! And why do people enjoy getting all these chemicals on their faces and hair?

2. The Premature Celebration

Holi seems to bring out the crazy in everybody! While this festival is just a one-day thing, people start celebrating it (with colors and water balloons) as early as four days before Holi. As if one messy day was not enough!

3. A Flurry Of Bad Hair Days

Holi is followed by numerous bad hair days and loads of skin problems, no thanks to all those colours. Why would anyone want to bring that upon themselves is just beyond your understanding!

4. Why ‘Bura Na Mano’?

We all know that this term is taken too literally and colors and thanda pani are forced upon you! From pakka rang to rain dance to meethai overdose, this is just the excuse everyone needs to go overboard with everything. 

5. It Gets Icky

As if chemical-based colours are not bad enough, the worst part is when people go all out with eggs, tomatoes, mud and whatnot. 

6. Consent Ceases To Exist

You could be standing on the roof and screaming that you’re not interested in playing Holi but your no will fall on deaf ears. And if you think you can locking yourself up like Rapunzel in a high tower can save you, you couldn’t be more wrong. We all know that some over-excited (and drunk) friends are going to show up at your doorstep and refuse to take no for an answer.

7. You Don’t Look Like Naina From YJHD

We don’t know how Deepika Padukone managed to look pretty while playing Holi with Bunny aka Ranbir Kapoor ‘coz no matter what we do, we just look funny and messy at max. No chance we’re going to look photogenic on Holi! 

8. After-Effects Of Holi

Bad hair days are not the only post-Holi damages you have to deal with because pakka rang is also at play here. No matter how much you scrub, there will be that orange or pink patch on your face that refuses to go away. So, you’re going to have to keep your camera off for the next few zoom meetings! 

Well, you might love playing Holi, but if someone says they don’t–respect their wishes and leave them alone!

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