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Sexual Tension & Wild Theories: 10 Things You’ll Get If You Love Watching Hindi Soaps

Sexual Tension & Wild Theories: 10 Things You’ll Get If You Love Watching Hindi Soaps

You know that moment when you are watching a tv show and can accurately predict what is going to happen next while others watch in absolute amazement? If you happen to be a tv serial enthusiast like me, you’ll relate. Over the years, we have watched so many shows on so many channels that it takes me only an episode or two to legit predict everything that is going to happen in a show.

But that’s not it. From spinning crazy theories to having a maddening crush on the lead character, there is just so much more that only a true Hindi tv show enthusiast will get. In fact, here’s a list for you to tally. Scroll through in case you happen to be a loyal fan of Hindi soaps:

Sexual Tension Is Everything!

Every romantic story in an Indian tv show goes through a phase when the sexual tension between the lead characters is next level. More often than not, they share a love-hate bond that just elevates the overall anticipation. You’ll see them colliding in hallways, getting locked in abandoned buildings, and intensely locking eyes every now and then. With every episode, you sit waiting for that couple to take the plunge, to say the words, to finally kiss. These are the scenes that are replayed and revisited even after the show comes to an end!

Repeat Telecasts Are Love

While watching a brand new episode of your favourite show is great, watching on a repeat telecast is equally fun. In fact, if you could, you’d totally go ahead and watch every single episode of your favourite show as many times as it is repeated on the channel. Also, ‘don’t you get bored?’ is a question that you are pretty used to at this point. 

You Hate The Vamp With A Vengeance

Every Hindi show has a vamp whose sole mission on the show is to jeopardize things for the hero and heroine. Well, there are few things in the world that you hate more than this vamp. In fact, you are constantly praying for this character to die a tragic death as they try to sabotage the love story. But that never happens, right?

You Want Everyone Around You To Watch That Show

The instant you start watching an epic show, the first thing that comes to your mind is to share it with someone around you. Be it your partner or your mom, having someone in your life who is watching the same show as you just makes it all the more fun. This explains why we sometimes torture our loved ones into watching that show. Well, the hustle is real!

The FOMO Is Real Too

Forget an entire episode, missing out on even two minutes of your favourite show triggers FOMO in you. From that much-anticipated date to a shopping trip with your BFF, you’d legit cancel everything to catch your favourite show. Missing out is just not an option. And in case you somehow end up missing out on even a single episode, it feels like an entire lifetime before the next one airs. Pretty sure, you can feel the song “Jag soona soona laage” on a spiritual level whenever that happens to you. 

You Know Everything That Is Happening In The Lead Actors’ Personal Life

From their romantic life to their current diet, there is not one thing about your favourite show’s lead actors’ life that you don’t know about. It’s like stalking them on social media and through tabloid updates in your second passion (the first one being watching the show, of course). 

10/10 You Have A Crush On One Of The Lead Actors

Chances are that you get worried (+judgemental) looks when you keep talking about one of the lead characters from your favourite show and just how hot they are. 10/10 you have a full-blown crush on this character, so much so that you happily overlook most of the toxic shiz that they do in the show. 

You Bond Over Tv Serials

You can totally become BFFs with anyone who’s watching the same show as you. Seriously, all you need is a detailed discussion on your favourite show to become BFFs with even a stranger. All the better if they have a crush on the lead character just like you do!

You Love Making Theories

Sitting with people watching the same show as you and spinning weird theories around the storyline and character is one of your favourite pass times. You can literally do it for hours. And it gets all the more fun whenever one of these theories actually comes true. Seriously, the joy is unreal and you feel like a queen, the authority on all things tv serials every time that happens. 

Your Instagram Explore Is Nothing But Highlights From Your Favourite Show

You watch clips from your favourite show on your Instagram when you are not actually watching the show. That’s how obsessed you are! In fact, chances are that it must have arrived at a point where your Instagram explore section shows nothing but highlights from the shows that you are currently watching. 

So fam, which Hindi show are you binge-watching at the moment?

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24 Mar 2021

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