Blue Hues: Recreate Hina Khan’s Blingy Makeup Look In 3 Simple Steps

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Nov 3, 2021
Blue Hues: Recreate Hina Khan’s Blingy Makeup Look In 3 Simple Steps


October has ended, and we have officially entered the festive frenzies of the season – last-minute gift guides, outfit planning, RSVPing Diwali party invites and whatnot. While your fashion statements and social promises might be testing your patience and management skills, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to finalizing your festive makeup look. Hina Khan has been dishing out festive makeup goals every week since last month, and the trend doesn’t seem to be nearing an end anytime soon. From her blingy, red makeup look to a dazzling makeup highlighted to the Gods, she’s done it all.

Get Festive Ready With Hina Khan

And she’s back at it again with this blue shimmery lid makeup that spells all things festive. So if you’re running short on festive makeup inspo, look no further, because the Bigg Boss fame, Hina Khan’s makeup artist is here to save the day! Here’s how you can achieve this show-stopper makeup look in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Blush Crush

Prep your skin for a dewy makeup base with the help of a dewy finish foundation, and a natural finish concealer. Add a flush of colour to your cheeks with a rose-toned blush and blend well for a seamless effect. Next, unleash the Glamm goddess in you and go all out with your highlighter. Apply it on the high points of your face to add structure and a lifting effect.

Step 2: A Flare Of Drama

Begin your eye makeup look by priming your lids with an eyeshadow primer. This will help in holding your makeup longer, and reflecting the bold colours vibrantly. Go over your lids evenly with an electric blue eyeshadow shade. Then select a vibrant blue shimmer or foil pigment and pick it up with a flat eyeshadow brush. You can wet the brush or the pan to pick up for better application. Tap it gently on your lids in a uniform fashion. Lastly, highlight the inner corner of your lids with a soft blue shimmer shade.

Step 3: Pout Perfect

When we say festive ready, we mean completely festive ready. This makeup look is shimmery on the lids, and on the lips. Go for a creamy lipstick with a shimmery effect in a rose nude shade. You can also top your standard matte lipstick with a gloss.

What are you waiting for? Try your hand at this easy peasy festive makeup look and click gorgeous selfies this festive season!

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