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Why Everyone Loves To Hate Hina Khan On Bigg Boss Season 11!

Why Everyone Loves To Hate Hina Khan On Bigg Boss Season 11!

The last time I talked about Bigg Boss, I spoke about why I feel it is the worst show on television right now. But now that I’ve been watching it for a while, I’ve realized there is something worse than the show – the contestants. Stopping at nothing to show each other down, it looks like the contestants will stoop at any level to win the show.


Another thing I’ve realized is that nothing gets the nation together like hatred for a certain person. In this case, it happens to be Hina Khan. The quintessential TV bahu started off the show on a strong footing but somewhere, she’s lost the plot and her place in our hearts. With her words, her attitude and her approach towards other women, I have no problem in concluding that Hina Khan might just be the worst person in the house and we just love to hate her.

What is it that she’s done that I’m offended, you ask? Well, fair enough, but let me make my case here. First things first, her brand of feminism is what I have major qualms with. A situational feminist, she will stop at nothing to portray herself and her loved ones as victims while she is one of the first to pass comments on other women. In the first few weeks, when her friend Benafsha Soonawala was body-shamed, she went on to fight back over it by insulting two other women over the same thing. Not only did she shame them, she said things like “kapde phaad ke kaam milega” (you’ll get work after tearing your clothes).

But it did not stop at that. Previously, she has also, herself, body-shamed and slut-shamed Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde by saying things like “na figure, na shakal, na surat, drum jaise upar se neeche tak” (They don’t have a good figure or a good face, they’re really fat). This statement is exactly what makes me call her a situational feminist – she’ll only talk about girl power and body positivity when it suits her and she can come out as the crusader of women and their causes.

The next issue I have with her is her classist attitude. With dialogues like “mene aath saal kaam kiya hai, aapne kya kiya hai?” (I have worked for eight years, what have you done?), she constantly undermines the hard work and effort of other people in the show who’ve been working hard as well. In fact, she seems to have forgotten that both Hiten Tejwani and Shilpa Shinde have been in the industry for longer. Another thing we get to regularly hear is how she has class and everyone else is just too downmarket. Let’s not forget the time she made fun of Shilpa Shinde for not being able to speak English properly. Umm, excuse me?

Also, how can we forget all the times Hina has instigated people against each other, passed really disturbing comments and taken digs at people’s family and then conveniently said “mene kab kiya?” (when did I do it?) The way Hina uses her tears to her benefit is another reason to appreciate her. I mean, she is feeding into the stereotype that women cry and get away with things.

It’s okay to say that she is a player who is playing the game well but what is really disturbing is how such disappointing behaviour is being shown on primetime television for everyone to emulate!

Featured Image: Bigg Boss on Instagram

14 Dec 2017

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