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Keep It Simple, Silly: Even Newbies Can Ace Hina Khan’s Pretty Makeup This Diwali

Keep It Simple, Silly: Even Newbies Can Ace Hina Khan’s Pretty Makeup This Diwali



There’s not even a week left for Diwali and the excitement is palpable. Yes, because of the virus people are cutting back on meeting each other and being more social than required but it’s still the festival of lights and we can feel it. 

This year the celebrations are going to be more intimate so we thought even the makeup inspiration should be fresh and lowkey and Hina Khan is rocking just that. Perfect for Diwali day, this look is all about focussing on bright skin and bringing out your natural features. 

Hina Khan Makeup Look



Doesn’t she look gorgeous? If you want the same makeup look, you’ve come to the right place cause we’re breaking it down. 

Be The Pataka You Are By Rocking Hina Khan’s Pretty Makeup Look For Diwali

Step One: It’s All About That Base


For this look and for every other makeup look, the base is extremely important to perfect. When you spend time blending in the foundation or BB cream, it shows because everything else sits well after that. Start with your skincare on a clean face and don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Then apply a primer that will make sure your makeup lasts longer and doesn’t slip or melt.

Use a foundation stick, a BB cream because you don’t want to go with a too heavy base for the day, and wherever you need extra coverage, you can use a concealer. Blend it all in well and then move onto the powder products. Lightly dust loose powder all over your face to set it in place and focus it on the T-zone where you’re more likely to get oily.


Step Two: Let’s Focus On The Eyes

Hina Khan Makeup



For the eyes, Hina chose to keep it simple yet pretty. Start off by taking a pinkish nude eyeshadow in the crease and blend it out. This will help in creating some depth and definition. Take the same colour on the lower lashline and focus it on the outer corner to make the look seamless. Then take your fav black eyeliner and line your upper lashline and wing it out ever so slightly. Then take a kajal and tight line the upper and lower waterline, add loads and loads of mascara and you’re done. Yup, it’s that easy!


Step Three: Make The Brows Look Like Sisters


We’re sure you’ve heard of the saying–your brows are sisters and not twins. Well, making them look like sisters is a skill too. Just lightly imitate your brow hair and fill in the gaps wherever you can with a brow pencil. Then take a spoolie and brush your hair out so that it looks more natural. Finish it off with some brow gel so that they stay in place all day long while you make beautiful rangolis and do puja.


Step Four: Blush Baby Blush


To add that pop of colour to the cheek, Hina lightly dusted some blush on the apples of her cheeks and added the tiniest amount of bronzer to the hollows of her face. Then you can even apply some highlighter to the cheeks and bridge of your nose for a natural glow. If you feel like you’ve applied too much product, you can always go over it with your makeup sponge to blend it in well.

Step Four: Lip-alicious

Makeup Hina Khan



For that Insta-worthy smile, line your lips with a pink lip liner and fill them in with a matching lipstick. Pick a matte formula so that it can last you longer. Finally, draw a little bindi with your eyeliner, spray setting spray and you’re Diwali ready!


Hey divas, have a great time this Diwali with your loved ones. Sending them and you all our love. ❤

Featured Image: Instagram

08 Nov 2020

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