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Hina Khan Continues To Slay At Cannes 2022, Unfazed By The Indian Pavilion’s Elitism

Hina Khan Continues To Slay At Cannes 2022, Unfazed By The Indian Pavilion’s Elitism

After attending the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, Hina Khan opened up about the prejudices that she faced in the Indian film and design industry just ‘coz she was a TV actor. This year we were hoping that things would get better. After all, the actress has established herself to be a red carpet phenomenon. Sadly, none of it seems to matter when it comes to the big screen-small screen divide in India. Case in point—the Cannes opening ceremony in the Indian pavilion where Hina was not even invited despite being present in the French Riviera town.

She talked about the same during an interaction with Anupama Chopra and shared, “There was this opening ceremony and an event happened in the Indian pavilion, there was everyone, not just from Bollywood, but also singers too. I am proud of them but at the same time, it is disheartening that why I was not there. They were doing ghoomar. I saw that video and I am proud of my country. I don’t blame the celebrities. I feel it’s the people on the field who act.”

Well, we are currently furious on Hina’s behalf. She deserves better, especially after doing the country so proud. Since the beginning of the week, she has been trending on social media, courtesy her strong red carpet presence. The actress started it off with a stellar ensemble at the UK Asian Film Festival and is now winning the scene with her chic looks at Festival de Cannes. Last night, we finally spotted her on the red carpet and here’s why the look deserves a special shoutout:

Slay! Hina Khan Doing What She Does Best


Hina is going global at Cannes this year. While yesterday she was spotted in an Italian creation, the actress decided to dress up in Dubai-based fashion house, Sophie Couture for the red carpet event. The stunning lilac gown had intricate floral motifs running all over. A delicate touch was added to the garment with scattered feather accents on the hem. We love the exaggerated peplum detail and how it brings a sense of structure to the look. The garment has been strategically cut to make it look like a ballgown at the back and a mini dress at the front. We feel that the silhouette could have been a little more flattering but Hina’s confidence makes up for all that’s missing.


Credits to her hair and makeup artist here for making her look uber glamm. You look at her and you know that there is a star.


Hina has been walking the red carpet like the queen that she is and proving that with a confident smile you can conquer it all! Here’s hoping that it moves the Indian film and fashion fraternity and even if it doesn’t, we know that the actress will continue bringing her A+ game wherever she goes.

Featured Image: Twitter

20 May 2022

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