Think Smokey Eyes Aren’t For You? Shilpa Shetty Is Here To Make You Think Again

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jan 10, 2022
Think Smokey Eyes Aren’t For You? Shilpa Shetty Is Here To Make You Think Again


From her evergreen blockbusters to her reality show appearances, Shilpa never misses a chance to drop jaws wherever she goes. Why would her ‘Gram game be any different? She paired her blinding outfit with a sultry smokey eye makeup look and bold brows that just stole the show. Not only is this beauty statement perfect to accompany your OTT outfits, but can also help in raising your glamm quotient if you’ve decided to go for a plain Jane outfit.

Step-By-Step Beauty Breakdown

If you’ve been waiting for apt makeup look inspo for your next wedding party, birthday glamm, cocktail event or just a girls’ night out, this gorgeously contoured look should definitely make it to your mood board. And, just because we like you so much, we’ve made copping this look a tad easier for you! Jotted done below are 4 simple steps in which you can ace Shilpa’s gorgeous glamm effortlessly:

Step 1: The Model Cheekbone Snatch

After you’re done prepping a solid makeup base that won’t budge, pick up your contouring brush, and pair it with your favourite contouring formula. It can be powder, cream or even liquid. Start by tracing the perimeters of your face and then contour directly underneath your cheekbones to add a model-esque snatched dimension to your face. Contour your nose from the sides to make it appear sharper and upturned.

Step 2: We Love Bold Brows Here

We are all bold brow fans here and we don’t try to hide it. Brush your brows upwards and pluck out stray strands if any. Then fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil and finish with a brow gel to set everything in place.

Step 3: Sultry Smokey Eye >>> Any Other Eye Makeup

Here’s a makeup fact that we’ve come to realise over the years – there’s got to be some version of a smokey eye that works effortlessly for every type of glamm event and outfit. To ace this one, start by applying a nude base across your lids. Then, take a brown eyeshadow with cool undertones and blend it across your mid lid to your outer lid, and under your waterline. Lastly, take a deep grey eyeshadow shade and apply it close to your lash line while extending in your lashes’ direction. Finish the look with a nude kajal on your waterline and mascara for that dow-eyed effect.

Step 4: Nude Lip FTW

Seal the deal with a matte nude lipstick. You can choose to overline your lips for a fuller effect too.

Will you try this subtle smokey eye for your next event?

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