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7 *Sexting* Stories That Are Just TOO Funny!!

7 *Sexting* Stories That Are Just TOO Funny!!

Let’s admit it, sexting is quite common these days and most people like sending sexy texts to the one they love. It’s another way of spicing things up in your relationship. But is it always sexy? Well, maybe after reading these confessions from Whisper you’ll say ‘no’ to that question. These 7 sexting fails will make you laugh till your cheeks start hurting. No, literally! Read on for the funniest sexting stories…

1. ‘I was sexting my boyfriend and stopped because…’ – When cake is more tempting than bae!

1 sexting stories


2. ‘I make it my mission to make it as awkward as I can…’ – That’s a great way to go about it!

2 sexting stories

3. ‘I sent him a bunch of pictures of Will Ferrell’ – We’re wondering what his reaction would have been… *Lol*

3 sexting stories


4. ‘I was mad at my brother so I changed his girlfriend’s number…’ – OMG that’s evil! Poor guy!!

4 sexting stories

5. ‘I just never reply…’ – Dirty messages make you laugh? Okay!

5 sexting stories


6. ‘I started quoting Spongebob…’ – Spongebob was our favourite too… #JustSaying

6 sexting stories

7. ‘I was sexting my ex boyfriend tonight when I accidentally…’ – Oops! That’s the worst sexting fail we’ve known…

7 sexting stories


You can read the full thread here on Whisper.

OMG! Has something like this happened to you?


Images: Whisper

02 Dec 2016
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