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8 Bra Tweets SO Funny That You’ll Laugh All. Day. Long!!

8 Bra Tweets SO Funny That You’ll Laugh All. Day. Long!!

We all share a love-hate relationship with our bras. They are an inescapable part of our lives and we just can’t do without them. So, girls, read these hilarious bra tweets and share them with all your girl friends. They are super relatable!


1. Just small boobs struggles!

1 bra tweets

Source: DopestThoughtss On Twitter

2. Haha! Someone said it.

2 bra tweets

Source: WomensHumor On Twitter

3. Well, not all guys, but some of them, yes!

3 bra tweets

Source: ItsJennaMarbles On Twitter

4. They’ve been lying to us all along!

4 bra tweets

Source: Tjgilmour On Twitter

5. Dear bra, why won’t you fit me anymore? Wasn’t I good enough for you? *Cries*


Source: NeinNeinOKFine On Twitter

6. Hey, man, boobs of all sizes are beautiful, okay? Okay.


Source: Wordstionary On Twitter

7. Haha! Truth of life…


Source: MochaRia On Twitter

8. Exactly. Dear bra manufacturers, please read THIS!


Source: HOtte4 On Twitter

These were hilarious!

17 Mar 2017

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