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Get Your Glow On: These Highlighter Brushes Will Make You Sparkle This Diwali

Get Your Glow On: These Highlighter Brushes Will Make You Sparkle This Diwali



Ladies, highlighter is a must-have makeup product all around the year, but during Diwali even more so. It’s like your personal spotlight showcasing your best features. Apply it to your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, brow bone, bridge of your nose, and even on your decolletage area to shine bright. However, the product alone will not work for you unless you use it with the right brush. 

So, for all the divas ready to sparkle, we’ve got the best highlighting brushes in the market to get your glow on!

A Fan Brush For Dusting Shimmer


This is a light and feathery fan brush and can be used for dusting highlighting powder over the face and body. You can use it for the tops of your cheekbones when you want the glow to be natural and radiant. You can also use it for sweeping away any excess powder fallout that’s on your skin.


When You’re In The Mood To Shine

A tapered brush allows you precision while also allowing you to pack on the product. So when you want a blinding highlight, this one has soft and densely-packed bristles that allow you a seamless application of pressed powders as well as loose powders without looking streaky.


A Two In One Brush


When you want those Kim Kardashian cheekbones, you gotta highlight and contour and this one brush can help you do both. One side it’s got an angled edge that gets right into the hollows of your face and the other end has a tapered highlighting side. Yes, it’s an expensive buy but you definitely get a super-luxe product for the price.

More Glitter, Less Bitter

If you’re looking for brushes on a budget then PAC is a great brand to check out. Don’t be fooled by the price, this is a super highlighting brush with super soft, loosely packed bristles and a tapered end so that you can highlight your cheekbones easily.

Shine On, Gorgeous

Okay, here’s a pro tip, to get that celebrity-like glow, don’t only highlight your face but even put some on your decolletage, your shoulders, and any part of your skin that is exposed. This looks great in photographs and you’ll be the star of all the Diwali parties!

For people who love using a beaming highlighter, we suggest getting the MyGlamm Spotlight Illuminating Liquid in the shade Stardust, this is a lovely champagne colour which can be used on the tops of your cheeks for a heavenly glow.

And if you aren’t comfortable with using a liquid highlighter yet, this Highlighter Duo is perfect. It’s got two colours- rose gold and champagne which suit all Indian skin tones. The best part is that it can be used for a subtle radiance and be built up for a glam appearance.

Get, set, glow!

Featured Image: Instagram

09 Nov 2020

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