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Hey Brides-To-Be, Here’s Your Full-Proof Cheat Sheet To Look (& Feel) Your Radiant Best At The Wedding

I was instantly swayed by the romance of the ambience at #ShaadiByMarriott recently. A regal spread of desi delicacies, vibrant colours, and a gala atmosphere awaited me as The Westin Mindspace Hyderabad decided to recreate the most glamorous aspects of Indian weddings. I went there anticipating good food and a day’s worth of fun. However, what I got to witness can be best described as proper ‘shaadi shenanigans’ which was an absolute treat given that the last wedding I attended was way back in January 2019 (I know!). The stately mandap, the zingy decor, the inviting wedding showcase–everything was a sight to behold. However, I struck the real gold at Westin’s Wedding Masterclass. 

Most of the time, we tend to forget that even at grand shaadis it is the small things that count. As a bride, the day belongs to you first and foremost and amid frenzied preparations, we often leave sight of this little fact. Westin’s Masterclass gave us a holistic approach to take care of it all along with nifty tricks that ensure that you feel and look your best on the D-day. Here are our takeaways that’ll ensure that you get to enjoy your own shaadi:

How To Look Your Stylish Best


Celebrity stylist Shweta Malpani opened the masterclass by insisting that before anything else, the bride needs to think of what she feels the most comfortable in and everything else will automatically fall in place. She then went on to introduce us to a rather unique three-dupatta look and gave us tips to recreate it. 

Acing The Three-Dupatta Bridal Look 

Here is what you need to do to ace the three-dupatta bridal look:

Step 1: Start by selecting the right dupattas and ensuring that two of them are super soft and way lighter than the traditional bridal dupattas. You can opt for pittan work on chiffon or woven silks. The third dupatta (that goes on the head) can be a little heavy and embellished but not so much that it ends up giving you a headache. 

Step 2: Start by neatly pleating the soft dupattas and placing both of them on the same shoulder one after the other.

Step 3: Take the edge of one of the dupattas that hang at the back and tie it to on the same hand where the dupatta sits. For instance, if you have kept dupattas on your right shoulder, then the edge gets tied to the right hand. (Refer to the picture above)

Step 4: Take the edge of dupatta #2 and pin it on the opposite shoulder in a manner that you get a cowl-like fall at the back. 

Step 5: The third dupatta goes on the head just like a traditional second dupatta


How To Look Your Radiant Best 

As per dietician and nutritionist, Dr Sunita Arya the first thing that a bride needs to do is realise that she is the most important person at her wedding. Next comes a good diet to ensure that she has that radiant glow. Here are three tips that she swears by:

Tip 1: Crash diets are a strict no no.

Tip 2: Start taking haldi tea or haldi milk first think in the morning for that healthy glow.

Tip 3: Do not leave carbs and have a diet comprising healthy fats (dry fruits and ghee), proteins (chicken, fish, paneer, etc.) and complex carbs (whole grains, legumes, and vegetables)


How To Feel Your Happiest Best

Delegating work to the right people is integral if you want to stay stress-free at the wedding and Rakhi Kankaria of Rachnoutsav Events shared three easy albeit effective ways to get it right. Read on:

Tip 1: Choose one industry expert who takes responsibility for everything instead of delegating the task to multiple people.

Tip 2: Go with someone who understands you and is ready to partner as a friend before coming on board as a planner.

Tip 3: Introduce both the families to the planner, establish a rapport, and ensure that they understand how to handle delicate moments if and when the time arrives. 

Finally, remember that the wedding is YOUR big day and none of it would make sense if you don’t have a gala time. Thus, communicate with your partner throughout the preparations, take care of your mental health, and don’t shy away from making demands. You are the bride after all!

Featured Image: Dreams2Reels On Instagram

07 Jan 2022

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