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The Number One Work From Home Habit That’s Silently Damaging Your Skin

The Number One Work From Home Habit That’s Silently Damaging Your Skin

I think I say this for everyone- working from home is so much better than getting up and going to the office! I do not remember the last time work brought me such joy! Yes, I do LOVE my work but working from home hits differently, don’t you think?

While I sit here, in my poccha-worthy clothes, I have noticed that my skin isn’t shining bright like a diamond nor is it looking too great. But why? Isn’t it safe from environmental aggressors like pollution and sunlight? I genuinely expected my skin to look #NoFilterNeeded but instead, it looks like #HelpNeeded! So, like every millennial, I googled why this is happening and the reason shocked me to bits!

Your *Work From Home* Routine Is Making Your Skin Breakout!?

With everything being a click away and with ample time to waste on our hands, our smartphones have replaced our need for a social companion. Don’t get me wrong, I do wanna go out and meet my BFFs but with the current situation, I have given up all hopes. Playing Ludo, online shopping, double-tapping on shoes that surpass the amount I earn in a year; I know how to keep myself busy.

But, being in front of a screen is primarily one of the reasons why your skin’s acting up. Here’s why.

– Thankfully, the sun directly hitting on our skin is not something we have to think about these days but the blue light from your phones (and other devices) is equally damaging. Some of the most common sources of blue light are laptop screens, cellphones, tablets, televisions and certain types of light bulbs. Believe it or not, but blue light emits higher levels of light as compared to the sun. Not only does it adversely affect your eyesight in the long run, but it also promotes skin stress, pigmentation, and even acne due to constant exposure. Our *just one more episode* attitude is messing with our sleep schedule, thus making things worse.

– The blue light also depreciates collagen and might result in our face losing its elasticity.

– It also results in insomnia, anxiety (why didn’t my last picture get more likes?) and it renders a myriad of alarming health concerns such as hair fall, dark circles, and constant stress. Your mental health is also affected and thereby, making you weak from within.


What Can Be Done?!

There are a lot of ways you can keep your skin’s health and mental health at check:

– Reduce screen time and take multiple breaks in between. Switch to listening to music or read a book instead.

– Keep your phone in night mode, it reduces the light emitted by your screen.

– As hard as it may seem, do not replace sleep time with screen time. They call it beauty sleep for a reason.  

– Wear sunscreen! Yes, even if you haven’t seen the outside world in days, you should be wearing sunscreen (even when you’re at home.)

– Drink loads of water, no amount of moisturiser can replace internal hydration.

– Invest in a great Vitamin C serum and use it at least once a day & consume food items that are rich in Vitamin C as it plays a great factor in fighting off pigmentation.

– Use facial mists in-between chores to rejuvenate your skin.

– Clean your phone’s screen every day. You might be enjoying a rom-com on Netflix while eating and texting constantly. Or worse, touching your phone after cleaning. Your dirty hands WILL touch your phone’s screen which will touch your face when you’ll be talking on the phone.

– Replace your Netflix and chill with Mask and Work and you’ll see a vast difference in your skin.

So, How Do You Protect Your Skin From Blue Light Damage?

Follow these simple tips and kiss those skin woes goodbye!

Featured Image: Instagram

15 Jun 2020

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