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Bigg Boss 16: Here’s Why Gautam Vig Didn’t Hug Soundarya Sharma After His Eviction

Bigg Boss 16: Here’s Why Gautam Vig Didn’t Hug Soundarya Sharma After His Eviction

Surely, we weren’t the only ones whose jaws dropped when Gautam Vig was eliminated from  Bigg Boss 16 last weekend. Truth be told, we assumed he was one of the housemates who’d make it to the top five. But that wasn’t the only shocker we witnessed on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Our minds were also totally blown when Gautam didn’t affectionately hug his BB house love interest, Soundarya Sharma after his eviction.

For several weeks, Soundarya and Gautam displayed many moments of PDA. In fact, on day 33 when the courtroom task was held and their relationship was put to test, both the lovebirds argued tirelessly to prove that their bond wasn’t fake. So when Gautam barely had an emotional response as he bid adieu to Soundarya, viewers questioned his intentions.

Now, in an Instagram live with POPxo, Gautam finally opened up about his unexpected reaction towards Soundarya. He said, “Because of all the drama that unfolded that week, I assumed that there would be no eviction in the first place. So when host Salman Khan announced that I was the one who had to leave the house that night, I was in a state of complete disbelief. I wasn’t coming to terms with it till the Bigg Boss himself announced it. I went numb and only when I reached my vanity van did my emotions sink in.”

In the same conversation, Gautam also added how he believed it was unfair that everyone was judging his love and emotions based on a five-minute interaction.


The Agni Vayu actor also spoke about his feelings towards Soundarya in an Insta-live a few days ago. He said, “Soundarya is good yaar. She’s a sweet girl. Nature bohot acha hai unka (her nature is very good). She’s very caring.” After saying this, he also said that she’s gone inside the BB house to play the game, so whatever she’s doing now (after his eviction), people shouldn’t judge her so quickly. He further defended her current actions saying his eviction must have come as a shock to Soundarya, so she’s probably figuring how to stay in the house without him. He concluded this topic by saying that he still trusts her for now.

Guess we’ll have to wait for Soundarya to get out of the BB house to truly understand their connection.

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23 Nov 2022

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