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There’s No Legal Adoption: Mahhi Vij On Reports Of ‘Abandoning’ Her Foster Kids

Ravina SachdevRavina Sachdev  |  May 24, 2021
There’s No Legal Adoption: Mahhi Vij On Reports Of  ‘Abandoning’ Her Foster Kids


From live-in relationships to surrogacy, Bollywood stars sure know how to become trendsetters and normalise taboos. Back when Sushmita Sen adopted her first child, it paved the way for a lot of Indians to embrace single parenthood.

Over the years, a lot many celebs have adopted kids and set extraordinary examples. Actors such as Raveena Tandon, Mandira Bedi, Sunny Leone among others have adopted children and proved that they are the true heroes of society. TV actors Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali are one such inspiring couple. It’s no secret that the duo had embraced their house helps’ children back in 2017.  


The two had even announced that they would be taking care of the kids’ education and upbringing. Apart from this, the popular jodi also welcomed their daughter Tara in 2019. Now if their Instagram is anything to go by, the family looks extremely happy together. Mahhi often shares totally adorable pictures of her kids.

However, back in March, her foster munchkins had been missing in the pictures and this didn’t sit well with trollers. Mahhi and Jay faced a lot of backlash for ignoring their foster children, Khushi Ray and Rajveer Ray. 

The internet sure can become a nasty space as trollers criticised them for preferring their biological daughter Tara over their foster ones. Certain reports claimed that Jay and Mahhi had “abandoned” their foster babies, because of the birth of their own daughter. However, Mahhi recently took to Instagram to put such speculations to rest. 


The old interview which once again seems to have become the talk of town saw Mahhi open up about her equation with Rajveer and Khushi. Mahhi shared that, “We have not adopted them (Rajveer and Khushi). They have parents. The father is still working with us. They have a mother. It is just that they have stayed with us since the time they were born.” 

The Lal Ishq star even added that Rajveer and Khushi refer to her and Jay as mumma and dadda. “We were all together. We were like a happy family. There is nothing like legal adoption. I do not know where that came from,” she added. She also explained that the children have returned to their hometown as their grandfather believed it is safer for them to be in their hometown. 


Ugh, Looks like there’s really no pleasing the society. Also, hey trollers, we got a few words for you–why pass comments without knowing the entire truth? 

Featured Image: Instagram