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What’s Your Love Language? Here’s How Different Zodiac Signs Express Affection

What’s Your Love Language? Here’s How Different Zodiac Signs Express Affection

No matter which zodiac sign you belong to, you have the ability to express your feelings and emotions. Even though your approach to them may be different from other signs, you’re still capable of expressing love and feeling loved. While some prefer to keep their feelings bottled up, others have no qualms in talking openly about them.

Here’s How The Zodiac Signs Express Affection

To know how your zodiac sign expresses love, you’ve gotta read on to find out.


You know an Aries is comfortable around you when they pull your leg in public. They’re viewed as serious and hot-headed people to those who don’t know them, but for the ones who do, they’re playful and loving towards them. If you haven’t reached that stage with your Aries lover yet, you probably still have a long way to go in winning their trust and love.


These guys don’t believe in sweet words. Love for them is proved through actions and gestures. They will go out of their way to make you feel protected and safe. As long as your happy, they’re happy. In fact, you’d be shocked to know that they don’t fall in love very easily. They’re quite picky. However, when they do find someone who they share a connection with, they will fully invest in the relationship.


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A Gemini expresses love through humour. They want to be the people to make you smile and brighten up your day. They want to be the knight in shiny armour when life gets you down. When they go that extra mile to make sure that you’re doing fine that’s when you know they love you.


Once a Cancerian is in love, they will shower you with gifts and compliments. Their choice of gifts is pretty amazing too. They always pick up something that’s practical and oh-so-mush. After committing to you, it’s the endgame for them. Their heart only belongs to you and you alone.


Leos love showing you off to the world. They’re proud of their partners and they want their whole tribe to marvel at their new catch. If you’re a person who likes PDA, then you’re in luck, a Leo is a perfect match for you. 


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When a Virgo falls in love, they want to be around you 24/7. They want to help you become a better and more organised person by helping you reach your goals. Just them being there for you is a sign that they truly love your company.


Libra grows closer to people who are confident about themselves. Anyone who is brewing with charisma, wit and humour, is what is attractive to a Libra. They’re nice to people in general, but to the special ones, they become nicer towards them. A Libra’s heart is so pure and full of love that you would be very lucky to call this sign your partner.


You’ll know that a Scorpio loves you by the way they flirt with you. If they’re interested in your pretty face, they will be the first ones to make a move. It’s like they see prey and instantly their hunting instincts come alive. Once they’re convinced that you’re the one for them, they’ll go through great lengths to win your heart.


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The moment you get invited to family parties or get together with friends that’s when you know a Sagittarius has their eyes on you. You see, not everyone is fortunate to capture their heart. If you have, then congratulations! You’re family now.


I have to warn you about Capricorns. They’re full of tough love. You must be patient and kind to them if you want them to open up. This could take days, months or even years. If you do manage to break their walls and get them to trust you, you will have a lover for life. They express affection in the form of loyalty and commitment.


Aquarians may look tough on the outside but on the inside, they’re mush balls. They’re suckers for grand romantic gestures and sweet words. To get closer to them, you must be willing to stroke their ego from time to time. Once you have them wrapped around your pinky finger, all your wishes are their command! (Naughty ones included *Wink*)


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From all the zodiac signs mentioned on this list, Pisces people are pros at expressing their affection. If they love someone, they never shy away from making that person feel like a million bucks in front of others. Don’t ever break their heart or play with their feelings, they will never forgive you for it.

Remember, the more love you give, the more love you will receive. All the best!

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05 Aug 2019

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