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Mother’s Day Isn’t Cancelled! Here’s How You Can Celebrate The Day During Lockdown

Mother’s Day Isn’t Cancelled! Here’s How You Can Celebrate The Day During Lockdown

It’s going to be an unusual Mother’s Day on Sunday as COVID-19 has forced us to bring some serious changes in our lives. And because social distancing has become the new normal, some of us may be away from the women–moms, grandmom, aunts–whom we love the most. Forget Mother’s Day spa traditions, fancy dinners–even if you are with your mom, you can’t even take the gift-delivery route. 

So how do you make your mum feel special this year? All you need is a little bit of creativity to do something that reminds her you care even if you can’t be there in person or you can’t take her out. Because Mother’s Day isn’t cancelled, y’all! If you’re not sure what all can you do, we’ve got you covered. Before coronavirus, we knew moms did it all. They’re still doing it, probably doing it, even more. Go on, make her home time a little more relaxing, bring some normalcy back into her life. Scroll through some mom-approved TLC ideas:

Serve Her Breakfast In Bed


Now breakfast in bed certainly means your day has started on the right note. Imagine your mum’s happiness when she opens her door in the morning and you greet her with a tray full of her fave delicacies. Just for a day, you wake her up with ‘chai thandi ho jayegi‘ alarm. If you can’t be there with her IRL, have a virtual brekkie date with mum. 

Bring Out That Mani-Pedi Kit


Is spa day your Mother’s Day tradition? Well, you certainly can’t out this year. But you can bring the spa to your home. Give your mum a nice, relaxing mani and pedi sesh! If you can’t be there to do her mani and pedi in person, video call her and do it together with her. Trust us, it’s way more fun than an actual session in a salon.

How About A Virtual Tour?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

So what if you can’t hop on a plane to celebrate the day, you certainly can take your mum to bask in the beauty of the world through virtual tours of museums, zoos, or take her hiking at America’s Beautiful National Parks.

Take A Virtual Dance Class Together


If you really want to give mom something meaningful, give her your time. It’s the perfect gift during these unprecedented times. If you can’t do it in person, enrol for an online dance class or a cardio sesh with her. The trick is to find a way to spend time that is joyful, and hopefully, argument free! 😉

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Buy Her Digital Subscription

If your mom is a technology pro, she’ll definitely appreciate a few suggestions for digital subscriptions or apps. Buy her some cool digital subscriptions according to her interests. If she loves to cook, you can buy her an online subscription to Masterclass, an online streaming service filled with classes taught by leading industry experts. 

Host A Virtual Family Pary

Schedule a zoom call, get everyone together and host a virtual party for her. Get family members to raise a toast for mom and then settle in to tell some stories about her childhood and yours. 

Bottom line is that gifts are great but we are living in difficult times and with so much uncertainty, the best you can do is talk to your mom. Your time is the best and most comforting gift you and your mom will ever have.

BRB, going to give my mom a virtual hug! 

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08 May 2020

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