Here’s How to Give Game Night a Millennial Upgrade!

Kannagi DesaiKannagi Desai  |  Jan 18, 2019
Here’s How to Give Game Night a Millennial Upgrade!


Game nights are making a comeback, and why shouldn’t they? They’re the easiest way to break the ice. Sundowners at home these days are evolving, where people are now exploring the ‘what else’ factor. Now that we’re approaching 2019, it’s time we bring some tech into the mix. With smart speakers slowly becoming a part of everyone’s home – Amazon Echo and Alexa have some uber cool ways to make your games night, a tech-tonic affair.

1. Spin the bottle… without a bottle

Still stuck on the old school way of playing Spin the Bottle? Alexa has a different version called Truth or Dare that you could play with your friends. Start the game by asking her “Alexa, open Truth or Dare” Will you spill some secrets or find out how far you’ll go for a dare?

2. Drinking games 2.0

drinking games

‘Never have I ever’ is so passe now! Challenge your friends to an upgraded drinking game with Alexa’s ‘Guess the Number’ game. The rules are simple – Alexa will think of any number between 1 and 100 and it’s up to you to guess. Of course, she will tell you whether the chosen number is higher or lower. If she says it’s higher, you take a shot. If she says lower, you can pick someone else to take a shot. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It is as easy as saying “Alexa, let’s play guess the number”

3. Befuddle the muddled

varun dhawan confused

When the party is at an all-time high, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Challenge your friends to the Memory Game. To start the game, say “Alexa launch Memory Game” and she will say a single word, and you will have to repeat the word. At each turn, Alexa will add another word to the list, and you will have to repeat the entire list. The words in the list will come in alphabetical order, with one word for each letter of the alphabet. Can you get to the end of the alphabet to beat the game?

4. Bow to the gamer

If you are in a group who enjoy role-playing games whether online or tabletop but don’t want to end up staring at a screen all night or have the full playing board, Alexa has got your back. Get your armour and potions in place, speak the magic words “Alexa, Open Dungeon Adventure” and begin! In Alexa’s Dungeon Adventure, your task is to locate the evil necromancer. In this dungeon crawling game, you will create a character and purchase items from the town such as weapons, armour, potions and spells. Are you willing to accept the adventure?

5. Digital Dice

vidya balan game over

Gone are the days when you were rolling the dice and peering at the numbers. Now when you play ludo or monopoly, just turn to your Echo device and say “Alexa, roll the dice” and she will tell you how many spaces to move. You can even ask her “Alexa, roll two dices” for bigger numbers!

Hit that sweet spot for your game night this season with Alexa!

*This is a sponsored post for Amazon Alexa