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Get Them Scrolling! Here’s A Fool-Proof Guide To Creating A Bomb AF Instagram Feed

Get Them Scrolling! Here’s A Fool-Proof Guide To Creating A Bomb AF Instagram Feed

Ever chanced upon an Insta feed so bomb that you couldn’t help from scrolling right to the bottom, only to be left with a craving for it’s fine beauty and the yearning to create something equally fine? Well, I have experienced that! What I have also experienced is a train of colossal failures while I attempted to create something scroll-worthy. Each time my feed would end up looking like a cramped up dump yard/wannabe artistic wall until I decided to start from scratch and take aesthetic lessons from feeds that I personally admire. 

I legit jotted down notes as I scrolled some gorgeous feeds that had all things that Insta dreams are made of. My takeaways? Scroll through:

Flatlays and Wow!

In Instaland, there are few things as magical as elaborate flatlays and designer Kresha Bajaj Zaveri seems to be the undisputed queen of them. Magical elements against clean, subdued platforms is her way to go about and we highly recommend her aesthetics if a magical feed is what you seek. 

To create perfect flatlays, always keep in mind to opt for a light, clean background because it’ll help you highlight the primary and secondary elements as you add them. For instance, your primary element can be a food item spread nicely highlighted with jewels and accessories to make it beautiful. Flatlays are all about creating pretty setups and Kresha certainly does an amazing job at it. 

Every Single Element Counts

You know how they say that your plate should have an amalgamation of colours and textures? Well, the same thing is true for your Insta feed! Food stylist and chef Surabhi Sehgal has created a feed that happens to be an excellent example of this. With a penchant for contrast and textures, Surabhi styles her food in the most Insta-appealing ways and creates vibrant platters that are sure to get you scrolling. 

This is a great feed if creating a food-oriented feed is what you are interested in. From a soothie bowl of Cholia hummus to gorgeous pink radish soup, Suarabhi’s enthusiasm to experiment with food recipes sets her feed apart. In fact, experimentation is something that should be at the heart of your aesthetics if you are indulging in a recipe and food photography feed. For instance, think of adding a bit of beetroot to your hummus and see how it pops out in the picture. Also, don’t miss out on the elements like a drizzle of olive oil or sesame seeds, beautifully popping out of a pastel curry. 

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A picture from another time!! . When I could simply pick a bunch of grapes, wash them under the running water and enjoy them without a care in the world. When I could stroll in the grocery stores for hours imagining all the beautiful food I could cook up. When I loved curating menus for friends, sitting with them around the dinner table simply laughing. When I didn't have to think twice before ordering a loaf of bread or a carton of milk. When I didn't wash every single thing that entered my home like a woman possessed. A picture from another time!! Memories from another time!! May I never take anything for granted, even when life is normal and I can finally feel the wind on my face again. May I always be grateful for every blessing big and small that comes my way!! ♥️ . . . . . _______________________________________ #labneh #eattherainbow #fruitplatter #cheeseandwine #bluecheese #eatclean #beetroot #vegetarianfood #cheeseplatter #instafood #cheeseboard #mezze #blueberries #arabicfood #cheeselover #crackers #grapes

A post shared by SU PAINTS ON PLATES (@supaintsonplates) on Mar 22, 2020 at 11:07pm PDT

Follow A Theme

Following a theme is a very effective way of bringing overall harmony to your Insta feed. A set colour palette helps your feed look uniform and aesthetically pleasing. Our Creative Consultant Palki Malhotra’s feed, for instance, is all things gorgeous bathed in a drizzle of soft pink frames accentuated with red elements. 

It is the monotone palette that lends Palki’s feed with its uniformity and once you get a hang of it, this also happens to be a great exercise in creating a coherent feed. However, if you are apprehensive about committing to a single palette than you can also separate colours in grids of 3*3. 

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How i got this photo 👆 The only two hours that we stepped out of our hotel – from our crazy unplanned weekend getaway to Jaipur. ✨ Shot just a few minutes before the sun went down – we literally made a dash for the 'ideal spot' 😅😅 ✨ The more I saw of Jaipur's architecture from the window of our car , the more I cursed myself for not stepping out earlier 😩 😭 . I got married here but ironically I had seen very little of it, outside of my wedding venues. ✨ Minus the traffic, I think #Jaipur is a magnificent city with it's historic walls, forts, palaces and gorgeous colors – much to an Instagrammar's delight 😅❤️😍 #pinkcity #teampixel . . . . . #travelstory #traveltagged #travelmore #travelnow #traveladventure #jaipurblogger #jaipurlove #hawamahal #traveldeeper #travelawesome #traveltales #sheisnotlost #jaipurcity #travelexperiences #travelexpert #travelandliving #lifeofatraveler #bucketlistchecked #doyoutravel #dametraveler #femmetravel #prettycitytravel #girlswhotravel #mytravelstory #thecreatorclass #passionpassport #travelstyle . . . . . . . . . . .

A post shared by Palki Malhotra (@palkimalhotra) on Oct 23, 2018 at 10:07pm PDT

Kill Them With Captions!

Weren’t we told that words are our most inexhaustible source of magic? Well, this holds especially true in the case of Instagram captions. We are of the belief that words happen to be an integral part of feed aesthetics especially in an artsy, intellectual feed one is what you are aiming for. 

On-screen couple Sobhita Dhulipala and Jim Sarbh seem to have a penchant for this art as they sprinkle their individual fields with witty, immersive, and sometimes compelling captions. While Sobhita’s captions often serve as a means of giving us a sneak peek into the book that she is reading at a given time, it’s Jim’s caption game that we recommend here. Jim shares most of his Insta posts with interesting song recommendations as his captions and well really have a thing for them! Also, absolutely love the artsy vibe of his feed!

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‘How Bizarre’ by OMC.

A post shared by Jim Sarbh (@jimsarbhforreal) on May 29, 2020 at 4:48am PDT

Pictures That Tell A Story

While sometimes you need a caption to blow them away, other times a picture says a thousand words. If your Insta feeds serves to channelise the storyteller in you then this might be your cue. Photojournalist Ravi Choudhary does exceptional work in this regard as proves that intensity is also aesthetic. 

Ravi’s feed is full of compelling stories, each of them narrated beautifully and requiring nothing more than just the picture itself. However, this is a tricky task as it asks for certain expertise in photography. Having an eye for intense, compelling sights helps too. That said, you can certainly master this feed style with some sustained practices and by deriving inspiration from experts like Ravi of course. 

Lastly, it is important to remember that all the best Insta feeds are highly individualistic and reflect a part of the user’s personality. Keep this in mind and get set for your endeavour to create a killer Insta feed. 

So folks, all set to create some Insta goodness?

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01 Jul 2020

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