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Each Eyeshadow Was For Rs 7000: Shweta Tiwari Recalls How Palak Spent Lakhs On Makeup

Each Eyeshadow Was For Rs 7000: Shweta Tiwari Recalls How Palak Spent Lakhs On Makeup

Besides being one of the most popular bahus of Indian television to date, Shweta Tiwari has always been in news for her personal life, her daughter, Palak, being an integral part of the same. And while the two have seen some really dark times, things seem to be working out for the mother-daughter duo now. Just a couple of months ago, the two made headlines for their impeccable looks and style that they flaunted at Shweta’s brother’s wedding. 

As of now, while Shweta is managing her own projects, she has revealed her daughter’s plans of entering Bollywood, something that she is currently being groomed for. However, during the lockdown, they are enjoying the family time, as shared by them in a recent interview with an online entertainment platform. 

In the interview, Shweta and Palak also shared the kind of bond that they share and how they have always been more of friends than mother and daughter. Shweta had Palak when she was just 19 and thus shared that she has actually grown up along with her daughter. Endearing, right? In the interview, Shweta also shared that Palak has always been a pampered child and she, in fact, wanted another baby girl when her daughter’s crazy shopping spree made her change her mind. 

“When she turned 16, I was pregnant with Reyansh. At that time, I kept saying, ‘I want another girl.’ On her 16th birthday, she shopped for make-up worth Rs 1,80,000. Such expensive products. Each eyeshadow was worth Rs 7,000-8,000. I called my family and I said, ‘This time, I want a son. I can’t afford so much. I cannot have another daughter,” she said during the interview while taking a playful dig on her daughter.  


Palak kept up a mischievous smile as her mother recollected the story and then added to it by saying that she calls her brother Reyansh the “underprivileged one” since she got all the pampering and he got all the mothering from Shweta. Thus, while Palak could fathom rolling out a shopping bill of almost 2 lakhs, Reyansh was being schooled even for the number of chocolates that he was eating. Palak also added that a lot of it has to do with the fact that while her mom was still young when she was bringing her up, she was actually mature by the time Reyash was born. 

She shared, “Growing up, I would have to learn and sort of detect where she is at currently and ask her things accordingly. There was a phase where she was like, ‘Oh, you want this? Buy it. You want that? Let me get you five of that.’”

Well, being the firstborn has its own perks, right?

Featured Image: Instagram

11 May 2020

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