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Too Hot To Handle: A Round Up Of Our Favourite Fashion Moments From Latest Web Shows

Too Hot To Handle: A Round Up Of Our Favourite Fashion Moments From Latest Web Shows

Remember when Villanelle wore a pink tulle dress in Killing Eve’s Season 1 and left us all reeling in sheer sartorial admiration? Well, she is back with bolder, brighter fashion picks in Season 3 and we are certainly going gaga over them. Between the gnawing weight of lockdown boredom and some fabulous outfits form the latest web shows, fortunately for us, it is the later winning right now. Because over here we are here talking about their-own-kind-of-versatile wardrobes from Four More Shots to Too Hot to Handle, and of course, the disrupting wardrobe of Villanelle from Killing Eve. Looking for some fashion stimuli? Scroll through. 

Killing Eve

Now Villanelle has a ‘killer’ style and if you follow the show then you’d be able to tell why that happens to be a two-edged sentence. While she kept us nicely fascinated with her bohemian-meets-trendy-chic style in previous seasons, the third one is not to disappoint either. There is colour, there’s drama, and we are all for the quirk that Villanelle adds to each one of her outfits with her imposing personality. The looks already have the fashion tabloids buzzing, for all the fitting reasons, of course. Here’s a roundup of Villanelle’s fashion moments from Season 3 that left a mark on us. 

Blue Floral Dress


Already iconic, Villanelle’s blue floral dress has everyone dreaming of its artsy prints and cobalt hue. The romantic number features wild roses that’ll instantly make you think of summer prints and voluminous sleeves that are currently trendy and yet oh-so-Victorian. Well, this one is right up the alley with her pink tulle dress from season 1 and has all the potential to become a huge, we mean HUGE trend this season. In fact, it has been dubbed as the ‘The Villanelle dress’ and is available for pre-order at The Vampire’s Wife. 

Pink Floral Housecoat


All the home time during the lockdown has definitely made us more susceptible to athleisure and indoor trends than we ever were. Same reason why, Villanelle’s peach, floral housecoat had us hooked the instant we laid eyes on it. Take a look and you’d know why. 

Dungarees And Stripes


Throughout the season, Villanelle can be spotted wearing summer hues in delicious summer colours and prints. And while stripes might have been off our fashion radars, this one is going to bring them back in almost no time. Bright, bold, and contrasting stripes for that matter. And you might as well wear them with the 90s dungaree for that’s how she does it and so will a lot of others this season. 

Polka Play


Now, in all honesty, polka dots have already been signposted a big 2020 trend, courtesy Paris spring/summer’20 runways. However, Villanelle has a way of making anything better and this one deserves a mention simply for that reason. 

Yellow A-Line Dress


This one has its appeal for us, simply for the convenience of getting it done by our masterji! This season is all about 60s and 70s silhouettes. All you need to do is get a nice, printed, cotton fabric, and take inspiration from Villanelle’s dress to get it right!

Four More Shots

Be its Umang’s athleisure or Anjana’s sharp formals, the four leading ladies of Four More Shots have come to Season 2 with their style game even stronger than Season 1 and trust me, that’s something to say. It’s not like we were expecting anything less with design houses Namrata Joshipura, Rahul Mishra, Amit Aggarwal, Papa Don’t Preach, Rohit Gandhi, and Rahul Khanna contributing to the show’s outfit arsenal. Also, it is interesting to see how the ladies have been giving outfits perfect synchrony that comes out together beautifully while letting them retain their individuality. This is why some of our favourite looks from the show happen to be outfits worn by all of them together. Of course, there are others as well. Here’s a round-up.


Fashion Dispatch From The Istanbul Streets


It’s summer and we are all for florals! Sure we wanted to see a little more of the fashionable four in Istanbul but this co-ordinating floral moment kind of made up for that yearning. I mean just look at that synchrony, isn’t it like rain for a fashionista’s parched soul during the lockdown?

Udaipur’s Grandeur


The city of lakes entails the kind of rich outfits that only a heavy-duty array of designer marvels could match up to and the leading ladies did not disappoint up one bit. We especially loved Anjana’s black Papa Don’t Preach number and Umang’s gold, Amit Aggrawal outfit.  

Anjana’s Elaborate Formals

It is not just one of Anjana’s outfits but all of them that kept us on our toes this season. Right from her silk, pencil skirts to her bold pantsuits, everything had us dreaming of her wardrobe, like literally!

Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle is vastly trending right now and more than one reason for sure. And if you look carefully, there is so much of beachwear inspiration that you’d be left surprised. Here are our favourite beachwear moments from the show. 

Chloe’s Cherry Bikini


Chloe’s embellished cherry bikini is perhaps the most viral swimsuit moment form the show. Sadly for us, it is making us thinking of beach holidays that look like a distant dream currently. Thus, for now, we’d just think of wearing solid bikinis, lush colours, and mimosas and that would have to do.

Madison’s Headgear


Madison’s silk headgear with a bikini top is a legit trend and deserves all our attention for being so chic and quirky at the same time. 

Francesca’s Caged Crop


As bra tops become a major fashion trend this year, Francesca’s caged-crop is the one if you’re looking for some statement inspiration this season. Sexy and how!

Now that was a much-needed dose of fashion, right? 

Featured Image: Instagram 


27 Apr 2020

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