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Hina Khan To Join Naagin Clan? Here’s Why We Think She Fits The Role Just Right

Hina Khan To Join Naagin Clan? Here’s Why We Think She Fits The Role Just Right

After much to and fro regarding Naagin 4’s conclusion and Naagin 5’s potential cast, things finally seem to be falling in place for Ekta Kapoor and her hit show. Post much deliberation, the makers are finally beginning to finalise the cast and if media reports are to be believed, Hina Khan would soon be appearing on Naagin 5

As per a recent media report, Hina’s casting has been confirmed by Mohit Malhotra who too has been finalised for the show. “She and I are good friends, so it feels great to get back with Hina,” he said while confirming the news. Well, fingers crossed because we are sure that Hina will fit the role perfectly well and we can hardly wait to see her as icchadhari naagin. 

Now, while we are yet to get a proper confirmation on whether or not Hina would be appearing on the show, we have jotted down a few points on why she totally should. Read on: 

The Star Status

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Part of the credit of Naagin 1’s mega-success can easily be attributed to Mouni Roy’s star status that she had already attained before making an appearance on the show. She was a big deal on the small screen and easily channelised that larger than life aura into her supernatural character.   

Again, owing to her well-acclaimed run on Yeh Rishta Kehlata Hai followed by a successful appearance on Bigg Boss, Hina easily happens to be one of the most celebrated actresses on Indian television right now. Add to this glorious tally Hina’s successful run on the Cannes red carpet and the fact that 2020 also marks her debut in Bollywood, and you’d be assured of her bringing the perfect star aura to the show. 

Hina’s Versatility & Komolika’s Sass

Now as we talk about Hina’s illustrious TV career, it’s hard to miss out on her stint as Komolika in Kasautii Zindagi Kay, how readily she accepted a vampy character post-playing the girl next door for seven-eight years and managed to do absolute justice with the part. This establishes her as a versatile actress who can easily shift between roles, a quality that’s really sought after to play the character of the shape-shifting Naagin in the franchise. It is through shades of grey that the character of Naagin has been hitherto developed on all the installments, and having seen Hina doing an exceptional job in that department, we can expect great things from her here.   

Hina’s Impeccable Style

Hina is easily one of the best-styled stars in the telly land, something that can be well ascertained from her envious wardrobe on Bigg Boss as well her much-praised Cannes debut. Now, it would be really interesting to see how Hina fuses her style with her character on Naagin and give us a character that we can always take some fashion inspiration from. 

She’s Quite The Badass

During her run on Bigg Boss, Hina earned her reputation as a headstrong woman who didn’t flinch away from pursuing her goals and putting hundred percent of her efforts for the same. Again, Hina is never known to mix her words while speaking to the media, she is known for her unyielding spirit and it would be great to see that being translated on the screen in her role as Naagin.

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28 Jul 2020

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