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Zzzzz! What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About YOU?

Human beings are very adaptable. But one of the only things we absolutely cannot compromise on, however, is the position we sleep in! Don’t believe us? Ditch your regular sleeping position and try to adopt a new one. Just try, you! And tell us later about how many sheep you counted that night. Now that you’re convinced, we’re here to tell you something about yourself you probably didn’t know – what your sleeping position says about your personality. Believe it or not, it does give us some major clues about the person you are!

1. The Soldier Position

The name of the position is self-explanatory – it’s so because even while sleeping you’re going Saavdhaan! The position says a lot about your disciplinary approach towards life. At the same time, you shower family and friends with oodles of love and, quite obviously, expect the same in return! You’re also a lover of peace and tranquility – no wonder about the discipline, then!


Sleeping Position Soldier



2. The Starfish Position

Imagine a starfish. Now imagine a sleeping human being, on his/ her back, trying to do a starfish – arms folded at elbows, both hands on the pillow, on either side of the face. That’s a human starfish for you, right there! If you’re one of them, you’re basically a damn good friend to have – you’re good listeners and are supremely loyal and friendly, always willing to help out a friend in need! The world could truly do with more sleepers like you, starfish person!

Sleeping position Strafish



3. The Freefall Position

Now, all you have to do is invert the starfish position – both arms folded up, next to the face, sleeping on the tummy, head turned to either side. Even those who tuck their hands under the pillow qualify as freefallers. As is made clear by the name of the position, freefallers are free-spirited, happy-go-lucky and playful people. You also kinda have a knack of getting yourselves into trouble, ‘coz it’s an absolute must for you to speak your mind, with no fear of the consequences!


Sleeping Position Freefall



4. The Yearning Position

It’s almost like you’re walking with your arms stretched out in front of you – only, while lying on your side, on the bed. Yearners are the kind of people who take their own sweet time deciding what they want, in any given situation. You are, however, very approachable, open people. So we like you, yearner!

Sleeping position Yearner


5. The Log Position

No, it’s not the one you fill. It’s the straight-as-a-log position you sleep in, only, on your side. You are one of those “always trusting people” kind of people. Watch out, you! Don’t let people take undue advantage of your giving nature.

Sleeping Position Log



6. The Fetal Position

Why is it called fetal? Because that’s the position we spend nine months in, when inside the womb. And, believe it or not, it is the most common sleeping positions for adults! Fetal sleepers are sensitive people. Very protective of their own space, they don’t let people in easily. Let go and live life to the fullest, we say!


Sleeping Position Fetal



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05 May 2016
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