Ice, Ice Baby: Creative Ways To Use Ice In The Bedroom For Hot Summer Sex

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Aug 7, 2020
Ice, Ice Baby: Creative Ways To Use Ice In The Bedroom For Hot Summer Sex

As if the blazing summer heat wasn’t enough, the Monsoon humidity is also here to kill us. However, our bed is one place where all the fun happens, especially during this weather. How, you ask? Well, you just have to head to the kitchen and take out an ice tray to make your action in between the sheets more fun. Intrigued? Read on!

Sexy Ways To Use Ice In The Bedroom

Now, besides the obvious rolling-an-ice-cube-over-your-lips-then-on-your-partner’s-body, we have got you other interesting temperature sex play ideas.

Play kissing games


Take an ice cube and keep it between your lips. After keeping it in your mouth for a couple of minutes, transfer it in your partner’s mouth. You can keep doing this until the cube of ice melts. 

Use ice for oral sex


Put some ice in your mouth and go down on your partner, a great way to help your partner have an orgasm with two simple things–ice and your tongue.

A penis massage

Use some ice and glide it in between your breasts. Now, ask your partner to sit up straight on your chest while he rubs his penis up and down between your boobs. Now, this one is a great way to pump up your foreplay session. 

A head massage


Give your partner a sexy head massage with some ice and run it down to their ears and then neck. Ears and neck are sensitive erogenous zones, so this one is going to be an instant turn on.

Tease your partner, talk dirty

Sometimes, you need to tease a little (or a lot) in the bedroom before you start the real deal. Strip naked and put some ice on a plate. Now start licking the cube, looking at your partner. Talk dirty while you’re at it and we promise your partner won’t be able to resist.

End the session with some ice


You gotta cool down after a heated session. Ask your partner to rub some ice on your back while you’re both naked to calm your body and return the favour when you’re done. 

Featured Image: Pexels