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Know Someone Who Is Taking Care Of Their COVID-19 Positive Family? Here’s How You Can Help

Know Someone Who Is Taking Care Of Their COVID-19 Positive Family? Here’s How You Can Help

Just yesterday, 4 people I know tested positive for COVID-19. Having contracted the coronavirus myself a few months ago, I can imagine how unnerved they must be feeling right now. I mean, a few months ago we at least had a little hope in the hospitals and healthcare system. Sadly, we have arrived at a point where, forget hospitals, even homecare for COVID-19 patients is an inundating task. The medicines are getting out of stock and people are literally begging for oxygen.

Clearly, these are challenging times for everyone. Given that the new strain of coronavirus is way more infectious than the first one, chances are that we’d keep hearing about people around us testing positive. Now, taking care of a COVID-19 positive family member can be a challenging task both when you too have tested positive and when you haven’t. There is just so much that needs to be taken care of. Well, in case you happen to know someone whose family members have tested positive for COVID-19, the least you can do is offer to help. As the system collapses, it is important that we support each other through trying times. 

8 Ways To Help Someone Whose Family Has Tested Positive For COVID-19


Know someone who is currently taking care of a COVID-19 positive loved one? Here’s how you can help:

Check On Your Loved Ones

This is a distressing time and while it is important to keep yourself updated with information, it is all the more important to be well aware of how your loved ones are doing. Reach out to your friends and family members and ask them if they are doing okay. This way when someone in their family tests positive, you’d be well aware and ready to help. 

Make A Call & Ask How You Can Help

Once someone you know or someone from their family tests positive for COVID-19, call them and listen patiently. Find out if they are doing alright and if not, offer help. Earnestly. Ask them how you can help. 

Offer To Look For Leads

While we hope that no one you know ends up getting critical right now, it’s a treacherous virus and things might take a turn for the worse. In such conditions, offer to look for leads. Once you start looking, self-verify these sources. Somebody who is sick or someone who is taking care of an ailing family member might not have the patience or strength to do it. Thus, it is very important that you not just look for leads but also verify them before sharing. 

Help Them With The Research

With so much information coming our way, sometimes it gets difficult to segregate right from wrong. Of course, it gets all the more difficult if one is sick or taking care of a sick family member. Be it looking for the right kind of diet or home care for patients, there are so many things that you can research for your loved ones. 

Donate Plasma

If you are eligible to donate plasma then please do it. Doctors in India are highly relying on plasma treatment right now and you could literally save a life. For someone critical, this would be the biggest help possible.  

Food Arrangements

There are a lot of restaurants, home chefs, and eateries that are preparing healthy meals for ailing people and families right now. You can help your infected loved ones or their family members by looking for kitchens that are serving in their area and, in case they need it, placing the order for them. Catching the virus or having someone infected in the house can be draining for people and the smallest of the things would help.

Financial Assistance

Ask your friends if their finances are settled and offer to help in case they are struggling. These are not normal times, people are losing jobs, and healthcare is damn expensive. You can help loved ones sail through the tough time with a little financial assistance. 

Run Errands

From purchasing medicines to groceries, you can offer to run errands for someone who is taking care of a sick family member. However, be sure to use masks and practise social distancing. You can purchase the stuff and leave it outside your friend/family member’s place. 

Lastly, remember that we are in this together and we need to help each other through it all. Together, we can beat the virus!

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26 Apr 2021

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