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This Heartwarming Moment Between Aamir Khan & Kirana Rao On KWK 7 Proves That Exes Can Be Friends

This Heartwarming Moment Between Aamir Khan & Kirana Rao On KWK 7 Proves That Exes Can Be Friends

One of the most shocking moments of 2021 was when Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their divorce. While it was heartbreaking to see them part ways, the two amazed us with their respect for each other. The duo proved to the world that separation as a couple doesn’t mean you cannot remain friends. NGL, we are in awe of the gracefully Aamir and Kiran have handled their personal lives.

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Recently, we got a glimpse of Aamir and Kiran’s relationship post their separation and it was just so wholesome. In the recent episode of Koffee with Karan Season 7, AK talked about his equation with Kiran and his first wife Reena Dutta. Karan Johar asked Aamir about his relationship with his former partners and if it requires extra effort on his end. The Dhoom 3 actor shut down the rumours of discord between him and his ex-wives and said, “I think Reena and Kirana are both wonderful people and so we didn’t have an acrimonious moment in our relationship and I have the highest regard and respect for both of them. Hum log hamesha parivar he rahenge (We will always be a family). I only have love and regard for them and so do they. I don’t think either of them or I had to put in any extra effort. “


Aamir also opened up on his relationship with children Junaid Khan and Ira Khan and shared, “We all get together once a week, no matter how busy we are. There is a lot of genuine care, love and respect towards each other.”

For us, the most endearing moment of the show was when Karan asked Aamir and Kareena Kapoor Khan to call their friends from the industry. Without wasting any second AK called Kiran and asked to help him win. Before hanging up, the actor blew a kiss at his former wife and it was a heartwarming moment between the two. 


TBH, sometimes people part ways because it is the right thing to do. Everyone deserves to be happy and everyone’s path should be celebrated. Since the separation, we have seen Aamir and Kiran being each other’s biggest cheerleaders and support systems. We are so impressed by the two!

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04 Aug 2022

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