Remembering The Good Ol’ Days: The Heartwarming Love Story Of Rishi And Neetu Kapoor

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Apr 30, 2020
Remembering The Good Ol’ Days: The Heartwarming Love Story Of Rishi And Neetu Kapoor


Rishi Kapoor had openly declared his love for the gorgeous Neetu Singh in front of the whole country. He was the chocolate boy of the industry and she was the most popular heroin so it was the ultimate Bollywood jodi. Their sizzling on-screen chemistry was obviously because of the sparks that flew between them off-screen. 

At the tender age of 14, the two started dating. He had already established himself as a popular star and was the heartthrob of millions by then. However, she was still new and making her way through the industry. It was on the sets of Zehreela Insaan (1974) that they first got to know each other and my God, what a time it was!

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It wasn’t love at first sight for the pair but was even filmier than that. Rishi Kapoor was quite the prankster on the sets and was fond of teasing Neetu even then. He would even smear her face with kajal just after she would have completed her makeup. And then, just like in the films, Neetu fell head over heels in love with the guy who irritated her the most. 

The one person who wasn’t happy with their relationship was Rajee, Neetu’s mother who felt her daughter was just starting out in her career and was also too young. So to keep it hidden, whenever Rishi took Neetu out on a date, her mother would send her cousin along to act as a chaperone.

When Rishi Kapoor asked Neetu to marry her so that they could be together forever, Rajee was elated. But Neetu felt a nagging sense of guilt since she was the earning member of the family. She didn’t want her mother with no income. As the dutiful husband, Rishi Kapoor asked his mother-in-law to move in with them. Now ain’t that sweet?


We’ll always remember Rishi Kapoor for his stellar performances and contribution to cinema. You were a legend and a veteran and your presence will be missed. Our love and condolences with the family. 

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