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9 Health Benefits Of Skipping That’ll Convince You To Get Up & Get Going!

Thinking about skipping rope is sure to bring back a flood of memories for a lot of people. Remember playing jump rope games as a kid? Back then, we all did it just for fun, without thinking of it as a form of exercise. However, do you know there are numerous benefits and advantages of skipping? Amid the lockdown, skipping rope has regained popularity, and for good reason! A lot of athletes and Bollywood celebrities swear by it. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, gyms may not be the safest go-to option, which is why skipping rope at home is one of the best workout options.

Before you decide to include skipping in your daily fitness regime, read on to find out the benefits of jumping rope.  

Benefits of Skipping Rope

skipping rope benefits for health


There are numerous health benefits of skipping. Not only is it one of the most fun ways to exercise, but skipping rope is also an excellent cardio workout. It helps burn calories, improve flexibility, and helps keep you fit. Just a few minutes of skipping keeps you energetic throughout the day.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Skipping is one of the most effective cardio workouts, and it improves cardiovascular fitness. While skipping, your heart rate increases and a lot of calories are burnt. However, one should not overdo this exercise, as it is a high-intensity cardio workout.

Builds Agility

This is another benefit of skipping daily. It helps you gain agility, and makes you lighter on your feet. Speed and agility are much needed during wrestling, which is one of the reasons why wrestlers integrate skipping into their workout plan.

Full Body Movement For Workout

advantages of skipping daily


It is a full-body workout, all wrapped up in one exercise, which is one of the most important benefits of skipping rope. While skipping rope, one is constantly jumping on their feet, and the shoulders and arms are constantly in motion. Abdominal muscles are also used to stabilize the body.

Keeps Lungs In Good Shape

Jump rope exercises promote better respiration and increases the intake of oxygen. Over a period of time, you will realize that you are less likely to become short of breath while exercising.

Low-Cost Workout

While other forms of workouts may require you to exercise with gym equipment, skipping is a low-cost and effective workout. All you need is a jumping rope, and you’re all set for the workout.

Improves Stamina And Coordination

While it may feel tiring and exhausting at first, skipping on a regular basis helps increase your stamina and endurance. Apart from that, it also improves your footwork, balance, and coordination.

Boosts Blood Circulation

Another skipping rope benefit is that it increases your heart rate as well as the blood circulation throughout your body. This is not only good for your physical health but is also a great way to break a sweat and get that extra glow, aka the ‘post-workout glow’. 

Toned Muscles

benefits of jumping rope


Jumping rope is a great way to achieve stronger and toned muscles. Initially, you might feel the ache in your legs, but it will get better in a few days. Staying consistent is key, and after a few days, bid adieu to your burning muscles and say hola to toned calves!

Mental Health Benefits

Skipping can also be good for your mental health as your body releases chemicals called endorphins when you exercise. Endorphins are known to alleviate depressive moods.

Benefits Of Skipping Rope Workout For Weight Loss

Losing weight is a struggle for many people, and while there are a lot of ways and means to achieve weight loss, it is dependent on several factors. Yes, skipping for weight loss is ideal, and helps you burn calories, however, one can’t be solely dependent on that. You can only lose weight if you also follow a healthy diet and create a calorie deficit, along with burning calories through physical exercise or skipping. 

A report in Healthline suggests that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) works well, as opposed to skipping continuously for a solid block of time. HIIT means working out at high intensity for short periods of time, followed by resting periods. So yes, skipping is effective for weight loss, but be consistent, and do it along with a healthy diet. 


Can skipping reduce belly fat?

Skipping helps you burn calories at a much faster rate than many other exercises. However, to reduce your belly fat, you would also need to keep track of your calorie intake. Skipping rope exercises are meant to help with weight loss throughout the body. Spot reduction is considered a myth, and studies suggest that it isn’t possible to reduce fat in one area by targeting certain muscles. However, skipping is effective to reduce overall body fat, including belly fat. 

How much should I skip in a day?

The time you should spend on skipping daily will depend on various factors such as your current fitness levels, fitness goals, diet plans. On average, skipping rope for a minute burns approximately 16 calories. To get the most of the skipping exercise benefits, it is recommended you skip for 15-20 minutes daily on medium intensity. However, it also important to remember not to over-exert yourself as you become susceptible to injuries.

Is 10 minutes of jump rope enough?

For comparison, 10 minutes of jump rope is equivalent to running an 8-minute-mile. During those 10 minutes of skipping, you get your heart rate to an optimal workout range, your muscles are being warmed up and you are also strengthening the core muscles. You can always increase the duration of your workout once you get comfortable doing it for 10 minutes.

How many calories can I burn by skipping?

A 15-minute skipping workout can help you burn about 200 to 300 calories. There might be a little variance in the number of calories burned depending on your weight, the number of jumps you do, and your rate of metabolism.

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Now that we know about the skipping rope benefits, there’s no reason for us to not work out! Skipping is cheap, doesn’t require a lot of space, and is an effective way to burn calories. What are you waiting for? Start small, do it at a pace that suits you, but start somewhere!

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23 Jun 2021

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