Harry Styles’ Beauty Brand Is Ready To Hit The Shelves & Here’s Everything To Know About It

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Nov 16, 2021
Harry Styles’ Beauty Brand Is Ready To Hit The Shelves & Here’s Everything To Know About It


Stop your random shopping sprees STAT because something amazing has just entered the chat, and you’re definitely gonna wanna splurge. The king of everything (our hearts, our playlists, our fashion goals) is set to break ground into the unexplored area of beauty by cis, straight men. Hint: This GOLDEN boy has won our hearts not only in ONE DIRECTION but many, and his songs are as sweet and intoxicating as a WATERMELON SUGAR high. It won’t take a genius to guess that we are talking about none other than Harry Styles.

Usually headlining for his gender-fluid fashion and beauty statements, Harry has come up with his own beauty brand named Pleasing. We don’t know about you but we sure are pleased!

What Is It?

This Summer when we heard rumours about our favourite boy band departee was making us a beauty brand, we prayed for them to come true. Maybe the Universe loves us too much because here are our prayers, answered in flesh! (More like nail paint decanters and lip serums). The beauty brand with the tagline “Find your pleasing”, has opened shop with 3 things, namely, nail paints, skincare, and a cooling lip & eye serum. Take a closer look:

Nail Polishes for Perfect Pearl

“Housed in collectable glass bottles mirroring perfume decanters of the past, our Nail Polishes for Perfect Pearl are inspired by the pearl within the oyster. Mix and match, glossy and matte. Wear them straight, or apply over or under other shades to create your own looks, if you’d like. Our Nail Polish formula is 12-Free. Visit our website for more information on our sustainability practices.” – Pleasing Instagram

The Pleasing Pen

“The Pleasing Pen. A dual-ended potent eye and lip serum, delivered through cooling steel rollers. The Pen features a fresh eye gel, formulated with natural lingonberry, okra, and hyaluronic salt that hydrates and rejuvenates tired under eyes. All the while, the demi-matte lip treatment soothes and replenishes with marshmallow extract and olive-oil derived squalane.” – Pleasing Instagram

The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum

The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum. Submerge your skin into a bath of illuminating hydration, delivered through unique pearl capsules that dissolve into a transparent, glossy formula. Featuring Beta-glucan and Vitamin B, in just two pumps, this subtle layer of the product will visually transform skin into a smoother and more reflective surface.” – Pleasing Instagram

But if your at-home manicures can’t wait a minute longer for some nice nail polishes, here’s our already-released favourites!

Will you be pre-ordering this rager?

Featured Images: Instagram