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20 Quotes From The Harry Potter Books That’ll Make You Want To Reread The Series!

20 Quotes From The Harry Potter Books That’ll Make You Want To Reread The Series!

To say that J.K. Rowling changed my life would be an understatement. I remember the 12-year-old me, waiting for my parents to fall asleep so that I could read my first Harry Potter in peace. By then, five books of the series were out and the sixth was due for next year. I couldn’t wait to catch up on my reading and the books, even if it came at the cost of my exams, something my parents did not approve of. So I’d sneak around at night.

But that’s not how the books changed my life. They made an impact on that 12-year-old’s brain and taught her the meaning and importance of love – not the romantic kind though. That your mother’s love was above all, that your friends would stand by you in bad times and that life was never easy, or fair TBH! Pretty heavy lessons for somebody who hadn’t even hit puberty yet. But that’s the magic of this series. It shows you the power of being kind. Revisiting these books is like revisiting your childhood. Here are some quotes from the books that’ll make it nostalgia city right here!

1. Choose what is right, always!

harry potter quotes1

2. The simplest character test out there!

harry potter quotes2

3. Keep your head up, no matter what!

harry potter quotes3

4. Rules are meant to be broken.

harry potter quotes4

5. We’re all worthy!

harry potter quotes5

6. Choose wisely!

harry potter quotes6

7. Determination is a powerful tool!

harry potter quotes7

8. What’s yours IS yours!

harry potter quotes8

9. Trust is a valuable commodity, don’t hand it out to just anyone!

harry potter quotes10

10. They are in your heart!

harry potter quotes9%281%29

11. Pain always ALWAYS leads to self-discovery!

harry potter quotes11

12. Accept yourself for who you are!

harry potter quotes12

13. Handle the truth with care!

harry potter quotes13

14. You will survive!

harry potter quotes14

15. Power may be the root cause of all evil!

harry potter quotes15

16. The human psyche is a weird thing!

harry potter quotes16

17. The tongue is mightier than the sword!

harry potter quotes17

18. Choose light, always choose light!

harry potter quotes18

19. Introspection will heal you!

harry potter quotes19

20. Just like what Ron said!

harry potter quotes20

09 Jul 2018

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