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7 Shocking Revelations Made By Harry & Meghan In The No-Holds-Barred Interview With Oprah

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Mar 7, 2021
Harry & Meghan


Trigger Warning: Suicidal Thoughts, Suicide

It has been over a year since the great, much talked about, and very disputed “Megxit.” It was in January 2020 that Meghan Markle and Harry took to Instagram and announced how they intended to “step back as ‘senior’ members” of the British royal family. Quite a commotion followed. After a very long time (precisely the life and death of Princess Diana), the British Royal family looked like it had ended in some royal soup. Soon enough royal meetings were called, curt newspaper statements were dolled out and then followed a long silence.

Of course, speculations were made, all sorts of them. The tabloids were itching and the world needed answers. So many after all had invested their precious time and emotions in the fairytale romance of Meghan and Harry. Well, the ex-royals have finally spoken up in a no-holds-barred interview with Oprah Winfrey. From feeling unprotected in the Palace to the implied racism, here are 7 shocking revelations made by the couple:


On Their Secret Wedding

Probably the world’s scrutiny for the couple was always a tad too much to take and perhaps the withdrawal symptoms were always present. This explains why the two decided to go for a secret wedding just three days before the wedding that we then ended up watching on our screens. The two got married in their backyard with the Archbishop of Canterbury and Meghan shared during the interview that the wedding the world saw wasn’t “our day.” 

The Palace Refused To Give Archie A Title

In the interview, Harry shared that while his family was welcoming to Meghan in the beginning, it quickly changed after she became pregnant. The couple also shared that during their pregnancy, there were talks in the palace about how dark their baby is going to be. However, Meghan refused to divulge details for the reason that they “would be damaging to them.” However, she did share that the Palace was against the idea of Archie being a prince and receiving a royal title or security. She obviously wasn’t comfortable with the idea of the first member of colour in the royal family not being titled.


Meghan On Being “Silenced”

Meghan talked about how being associated with the royal family is “nothing what it looks like.” She also shared with Oprah that she constantly felt that she was being “silenced” by the Palace. She felt that the Palace wasn’t protecting her while they would have easily lied to protect other members from the family. She also talked about her alleged tiff with Kate Middleton, that she never made her cry, and how it was the other way round. Meghan further added that the entire narrative about making Kate cry was “the beginning of a real character assassination.”

Meghan Had Constant Suicidal Thoughts

During her time as royalty, Meghan shared that suicide was a real constant thought. In fact, she told a lot of people in the Palace that she needed help but she wasn’t allowed to. She was told on her face that there was nothing that they’d do to protect her given that she wasn’t “a paid employee of the institution.” It arrived at a point that she started feeling ashamed of the fact that she needed help and now understands that there was actually nothing wrong with it. 


Initially, Meghan & Harry Had No Intentions Of Stepping Away As Royals

Harry talked about how leaving the Palace was a hard decision that came out of the lack of security and understanding. He got desperate for an escape because they didn’t get any help despite constantly asking for it. This is when they decided to step back as senior royals and catch a break from the “constant barrage.” It was actually one of Harry’s biggest fears that drove them out of the Palace. He was worried that the history would repeat itself and didn’t want to see Meghan meeting a similar fate as his mom Diana. 

Harry On Feeling Trapped In The Palace

In a rather emotional moment during the interview, Harry talked about his troubled relations with his father. While he said that he “will always love him,” he also added that there’s a lot that has hurt him. He also talked about how he feels that his mother would be really upset and angered after seeing all that is happening to him and Meghan right now. He then talked about being trapped within the system and realising it a tad too late. 


Meghan & Harry Are Having A Baby Girl!!!!!!

As you might be aware, Meghan and Harry are currently awaiting the birth of their second child. Well, during the interview, the couple revealed that Archie is going to have a baby sister! Harry talked about how he would have been thrilled to have any child but is particularly elated with the prospects of having both a boy and a girl. “A boy and a girl? What more can you ask for?” he said. 

Surely congratulations are in order for baby number two as well as the courage shown by Harry and Meghan in sharing their stories. 

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