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10 Times Rakhi Sawant Was So Bad She Was Actually Good!

10 Times Rakhi Sawant Was So Bad She Was Actually Good!

Who hasn’t heard of this amazing actress? Her love for her work has constantly kept us on our toes. From the time she made an appearance in Pardesia and Main Hoon Na, to her item songs and of course, the Mika Singh buzz. But gone are those days where we had to wait for her to give interviews and inform us about her daily life. Her Instagram account has the daily updates and I mean DAILY updates about her whereabouts because she couldn’t possibly travel without us knowing what she’s up to. But not everyone is as well informed as I am, so here are a few videos from her social media that are terrifyingly satisfying.  


1. Did You Know That Deepika Padukone Is Her Sweetheart Friend?

2. Talent Seems To Follow Her, Meet The American Saif Ali Khan

3. ‘Maine Do Tequila Ke Shot Maarey Tab Jaakey Mujhe Hoosh Aaya Hai’

4.  Her Catwalk Sessions Fuel My Inner Bella Hadid

5. Work It Gurl

6. Rakhi Sawant For Indian Idol!

7. Some Snapchat Filters Were Made Just For Her

8. She’s Gotten The Dinosaur Quite Excited

9. That One Time She Interviewed Her Sweetheart Friend

10. How Could We Forget Your Birthday, Rakhi?!

In other news, she’s all set to launch the Rakhi Sawant Dance Academy in USA and Canada, so get out there are enroll yourself.

Happy Birthday Rakhi!

24 Nov 2017

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