Long Night Of Partying? Here Are 5 Ways To Cure Your Skin’s Hangover

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 15, 2021
Long Night Of Partying? Here Are 5 Ways To Cure Your Skin’s Hangover


Who doesn’t like to celebrate with a good old dinner party or sundowner? Spending a night with your loved ones over the weekend is the best way to beat the blues and live a little. But, what does this night of partying mean for your skin? Your skin is bound to get hungover from all the partying, although that shouldn’t stop you from living it up. For the morning after, we got a hangover cure for your skin so that you don’t feel guilty about spending the night celebrating with your people.

5 Ways To Re-energise Your Skin After A Party Night



After you are done partying, don’t hit the sheets just yet. Taking off your makeup is extremely important unless you want to wake up to breakouts. For an easy cleansing routine, wipe off your makeup with vitamin-enriched wet wipes and then wash your face with a gentle foaming cleanser. After cleansing, skip all steps and layer on a skincare sleeping mask because we both know you’re too tired for a full-on night care routine that includes toner, serum, and moisturiser.

Pore It Up

When you wake up, you’re going to be happy that you took off your makeup and moisturised, but your skin still needs some more hydration to get back to its natural state. Wash your face and then spritz on a hydrating facial mist to make your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated. You can even tap on a skincare essence to hydrate your skin.

Ice, Ice, Baby!

All that partying has surely got your skin looking puffy. Bring out those ice globes from the refrigerator and start rolling them over your face and neck to depuff your skin and help your skincare essences permeate into your skin better.

Plumping It Up

You always need a secret hangover juice to get a full recovery from the previous night and so does your skin. We are talking about cult-favourite skincare serums that instantly plump up your skin and offer antioxidants to help your skin recover with lightweight moisture and radiance.

Move To The Beat

Your skin can do with a relaxing massage after a long night of partying. Apply a hydrating moisturiser after your skin-plumping serum and wait for it to get absorbed by your skin; this would typically take one or two minutes. Now, apply a face oil on your face and neck and massage it in. Use face massaging tools like the jade roller or Gua Sha for best results.

Your skin is now revived and ready to slay without any signs of a hangover!

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