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Banno Re Banno: 7 Haldi-Infused Products To Get Glowing This Wedding Season

Banno Re Banno: 7 Haldi-Infused Products To Get Glowing This Wedding Season

It’s next to impossible not to love a spice like turmeric. Why? because it kind of seems to heal everything. Whether it’s a hangover, digestive issues, or skin woes. Ever since we’ve been introduced to the glow-enhancing properties of turmeric, it has emerged as the MVP of our skin-care stash. Turmeric is the multi-tasking, miracle worker that helps with most beauty woes. From turbo-charged brightening abilities to fading away dark spots and anti-ageing benefits- it really works wonders!

As we have a bustling social calendar filled with back-to-back weddings to attend, we are unearthing products to make our skin glow like crazy. That’s where the long-loved skin ingredient comes in handy. Thankfully, there are tons of turmeric-laced skin-care products that will make your skin freakin’ glow. Ahead, find the serums, masks, and moisturisers that utilise the power of the goldenrod spice.

The Best Skincare Products With Turmeric To Soothe And Brighten

To Perk Up Those Peepers!

This one’s truly a classic and is loved by experts which is the reason why they sing the praises of this under eye gel over and over. Turmeric really needs no introduction when it comes to the infinite skin benefits that it offers. From brightening abilities to treating anti-ageing and uneven skin tone. This mask Haldi eye gel works wonders and is one of the best products to brighten the under-eye area.

To Tighten And Brighten

If the weather is leaving your sensitive skin dry and flaky skin, this haldi and sandalwood-infused formula is great to call on. It’s a go-to for skincare obsessed for good reasons, the powerful ingredients not only instantly hydrate and plump up the skin but also smoothens the look of lines over time, It’s no surprise that it’s an all-time classic loved by people with all skin types. Add this to your cart to tighten and brighten your skin.

For Baby-Soft Hands

Boujee on a budget? This Turmeric & Saffron Hand Wash will do just that. Not only does it smell divine but it also gently wipes away dirt and grime from your hands without disturbing the natural moisture barrier of your skin. The three powerhouse ingredients include turmeric that helps to soothe irritated skin and prevents it from breakouts, Saffron which helps even out the skin texture and promotes brightening of the complexion and aloe vera nourishes the skin and moisturizes it deeply. 

For Luminous Skin From Head-To-toe

Chock full of turmeric and sandalwood, this body polish is easily one of the best from the luxurious Forest Essentials bath line. Apricot and almonds work to improve skin elasticity, while a nourishing blend of oils goes deep into the skin to detoxify. Meanwhile, raw cane sugar sloughs off dead skin right off, leaving it luminously buffed.

To Rock That Model-Perfect Glow

The amber-hues Clarins Double Serum is bi-phase, meaning it’s made up of a water-soluble formula and fat-soluble one which, when combined, deeply penetrates and nourishes the skin. The bottle is dual-chambered so every pump gets the right amount of product. Two-thirds are water-based while the rest one-third are oil-based ones. The MVP? Turmeric, of course. 

The Multi-Tasker

This sleeping mask packs a triple punch: Hyaluronic acid that gives heavy-hitting hydration to the skin, ceramides that will make your skin dewy, and finally turmeric that brightens and calms. Altogether, the sleeping mask brightens the skin while hydrating it and warding off dullness. It will give you plump, hydrated skin while you snooze.

Shine On!

The Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask does exactly what its jar says – it brightens and energises skin. Spread this creamy mask across your cheeks and let it fry. As you wash it off, the cranberry seed gently breaks down dry, dead skin on the surface of your skin, leaving it looking glowy and feeling incredibly refreshed.

Get, set, glow!

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08 Dec 2021

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