Tame That Mane: 8 Hairstyling Tools Every Girl Must Own

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 6, 2016


Whether it’s taming your locks everyday, or trying to perfect that gorgeous celeb hairstyle – there are certain tools every girl must own for effective coif management. It may take plenty of practice, but these tools are what you need to master some major mane magic. So let’s get down to the basics with the hairstyling tools every girl must own. No style is ever unattainable if you’re armed with these babies in your dresser.

The Blow-Dryer

Obviously, this is on the top of the list. A good hair dryer can not only dry your strands faster, but get rid of frizz, add shine and oodles of sleek smoothness. If you haven’t already, learn how to perfect a salon blowout at home. It’s better to spend a bit extra for one with multiple heat and speed settings, higher wattage and ionic drying, which will help eliminate frizz.

hairstyling tools every girl must own

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The Flat Iron

Shiny, straight hair is a timeless look that you can never go wrong with, so naturally a flat iron is an absolute must-have for any girl. Even if you have naturally straight hair, you can use one to get that gorgeous sleek smoothness. Remember that thicker or curlier hair requires a higher heat setting than straight or fine hair. Oh and don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray first to protect your locks. Buy a ceramic iron as they are less damaging to hair than cheaper metal plates.

hairstyling tools every girl must own

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A Curling Iron

This is a must if you like to experiment with styles other than always going straight. From pretty spiral curls to sexy, beach waves, this is your weapon of choice when you want to stir things up. One effective trick to remember is to twist your hair back and away from your face in the front for perfect curls.Again, look for a ceramic iron as they cause less damage and frizz.

hairstyling tools every girl must own

POPxo Recommends: Hot Tools Professional Salon Curling Iron, Price: INR 3,490

A Round Hair Brush

This is a must when you want a voluminous blow dry. Wrap your hair around it and pull it in an opposite direction from the roots, while pointing the nozzle of your hair dryer on it. If you love flaunting some va va voom volume, a round brush is just what you need. A bigger brush will give you more volume, while a smaller one will give you curls.

hairstyling tools every girl must own

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Hot Rollers

We’ve all seen our moms use them at some point in time- hot rollers are amazing for giving you glamorous curls and waves at home. Perfect for multitasking, roll them into your hair after they’ve heated, once you’ve finished dressing and completed your makeup, your curls would have set and you’re ready to walk out the door.

hairstyling tools every girl must own

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Pins and Clips

Bobby pins are the tiny elements that help hold together fabulous hairstyles. From fastening elegant updos to taming flyaway, always have a pack handy. Also, make sure to stock up on sectioning clips, they are a must while styling your hair.

hairstyling tools every girl must own

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A Wide-Tooth Comb

We’ve always stressed how you must never brush your hair when wet to avoid causing damage and breakage as your strands are at their weakest when wet. Instead, you should always use a wide toothcomb to detangle your wet locks, starting from the ends and then working your way up.

hairstyling tools every girl must own

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A Fine Tooth Comb

These serve multiple purposes, they help create the perfect parting and are what you need to when you want to backcomb to create plenty of volume, you can also use the tail of the comb when styling.

hairstyling tools every girl must own

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