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8 Easy (And Pretty) Hairstyles That Look FAB On Unwashed Hair!

8 Easy (And Pretty) Hairstyles That Look FAB On Unwashed Hair!

With late nights and early mornings on the agenda this time of the year, when festivities and parties are all we can think of, sleep is a must. Who really feels like waking up extra early for work just to wash your hair? With a few life-saving styles, we ensure you work those unwashed locks in style. We give you a few super easy hairstyles for dirty hair that will make those tousled tresses look oh-sofabulous. #DirtyHairDontCare!


1. The Simplified Milkmaid Braid

milkmaid- hairstyles for unwashed hair

Milkmaid braids are oh-so cute and really fuss-free. To save you some extra time or if you’re feeling particularly lazy, you can try it with a rope braid instead of the classic 2-section plait. Part your hair down the middle and on each side take two sections and twist them around each other till the ends and secure. Then pull them across your crown and pin behind your ears. It helps get messy hair off your neck and keeps it off your face too.

Image: The Style Paige on Instagram

2. The Bouffant Ponytail

Deepika bouffant- hairstyles for unwashed hair

Who said you need clean hair to look as glam as Deepika? Just tease your hair at the crown with a comb and then smooth it over for all that volume before tying your hair into a low ponytail. Draw some dramatic wings to add to the retro vibe of your look.

3. A Messy Low Bun

low bun- hairstyles for unwashed hair

Messy, undone styles will obviously work best with, well, messy hair! Embrace it and rock a chic low bun for some easy style. Let a few tendrils loose, unwashed hair has the perfect texture to make it interesting. Pair it with bright pink lips and you’re good to go.

4. Braided Crown

crown braid hairstyles for unwashed hair

Such an easy-to-perfect style that is elegant enough to rock at any formal occasion. Just make a centre part and make a section in the front on either side, by splitting the hair in front of the ears. Loosely braid both these sections in the front while stretching them backwards before wrapping them across the back of your head and pinning in place.

5. Boho Waves

boho waves hairstyles for unwashed hair

Unwashed hair holds curls much better, so embrace your bedhead instead of trying to smoothen and tame it. Use a dry shampoo to absorb any oiliness before blasting your roots with a blow dryer for some volume. Then use a curling iron on random sections before running your fingers through them to open up the curls. If you don’t own a curling iron or have naturally wavy hair, just scrunch sections with your fingers. You can even use a texturizing spray. Throw on a hat to cover up any greasiness and make a cool style statement like Parineeti.

6. The Twisted Updo

twisted headband hairstyles for unwashed hair

All you need is an elastic headband for this flirty updo. Place your headband over loose hair and then start picking up sections and twisting them before tucking them into the headband.

Image: Texlaxed on Instagram

7. The Super Quick Top Knot

top knot hairstyles for unwashed hair

It may be your go-to gym style, but there’s something so glamorous about the top knot that even celebs keep pulling their hair back into it. Just tie your hair up in a high ponytail before twisting it into a bun and securing on top of your head. It’s the best way to hide the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in days.

8. The Faux Bob

Sonam faux bob hairstyles for unwashed hair

Overslept? No problem, you can channel this red carpet favourite. Section away the top half of your hair and create 2 pigtails at the back of your head with the rest of your hair. Roll them up and pin them to your scalp before letting loose the top section of your hair and letting them fall over the pinned plaits. You’ve suddenly gotten a drastic hair makeover and can flaunt some sexy sass without actually cutting off your locks.

Images: Shutterstock and Viral Bhayani

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05 May 2016

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