7 Fun Hairstyles To Try Out On The Occasion Of National Hair Day

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 1, 2021
7 Fun Hairstyles To Try Out On The Occasion Of National Hair Day


Now that National hair day is officially here, it feels like the right time to tell you that it’s lowkey one of our favourite days to flex our hair game. The good thing is hair trends popping at the moment are fuss-free, flattering, and the perfect way to infuse your everyday outfit with a dose of glamour.

Welp, lucky for you, we spent 99 percent of our day scrolling through our FYPs and have saved all of the trendiest hairstyles and tips to share. From low ponytails decorated with the prettiest hair accessories to artfully dishevelled braids for major cool-girl vibes, this season’s hottest hairstyles are all about having fun. So on the occasion of National hair day, we searched far and wide to list down the chicest, most wearable hairstyles to try this fall and beyond.

P.S:- These are sure to broaden your hair horizons.

Double The Clip, Double The Fun

Who hasn’t twisted their hair into a makeshift bun when they just can’t decide. Next time, top it off with two clips so your style looks a little more considered. Just snap clips worn two at a time and secured symmetrically on both sides of your part. To tame frizz and achieve a smooth overall finish – you can straighten your hair first. Mix and match with colourful, metallic clips for an elevated look.

To Channel Your Love For ’90s Style

Wondering whether you should wear your hair up or down? Try this half-up and half-down look that’s damn chic and won’t take you hours to pull together. They’re cute without being too hard and they work well on all hair lengths. Plus, the side-swept bangs tucked behind the ear are perf to channel some extra retro vibes. 

The Y2K-Inspired Hairdo

These charming micro braids are flooding our Instagram feed at the moment. We’ve noticed how fashion girls are embracing their natural texture with this one (yes, it even works on bed-head hair) and are braiding in several tiny strands. Spritz a salt spray into dry or damp hair to get those fresh-from-the-beach waves and create a tousled texture before adding in the braids. 

Ribbon For An Edgy, Elevated Look

Looking for an easy way to style your thick- and long-AF hair? This proves that you don’t need more than a scarf or ribbon to make a basic style look like a million bucks. This can be made simply by replacing your regular claw clip with a ribbon. You’ll get a cool new look—plus, the ribbon adds a major retro element.

Pearls To Steal The Damn Show

We’re kinda obsessed with this chic and experimental hair look – super sleek ponytail adorned with pearl accessories. Need we say more? The hairstyle reminds us that a simple hairdo topped with mismatched pearl clips is so damn cute. It’s fuss-free, fashion-forward and will instantly elevate your style. 

Tres Chic!

Looking for an easy hairdo to up your beauty ante? Well, this easy, celeb-approved hairstyle is the one to call on. Pull your hair into a high, mid, or low ponytail. Take another hair band and tie it a couple of inches further down your ponytail. Using your fingers, tease the space between the first and second hairband to loosen the bubble. Repeat this down the length of hair to sport a modern look. 

For A Trend-Forward Look

How dope is this look? High braided ponytail, but make it fashion. Opt for a statement accessory like a pearl hairband to make your fishtail braid look 10x chicer. If you are exacting just like us, use a hair gel for a sleek-AF finish, keeping those flyaways at bay. You can create it with minimal effort and is oh-so-stylish.

Time to finally try these viral hairstyles!

Featured Image: Instagram